Many of us do not know that the largest organ in our body is the skin. Its protective function as the outer shield of our body is extremely vital. It has to put up with a host of damaging effects that nature as well as we ourselves inflict upon it. There are weather elements like, sunlight, rain, wind, cold and other natural factors that are out of our control and from which we can provide limited protection to the skin. Along with these our skin also has to bear the direct impact of the pollutants that are present all around us. These are factors that are directly visible to us however; there are other aspects like diet, personal hygiene and care that have a direct effect on the health of our skin.

There are a large variety of products available in the market for the care of our skin. However, most of them have chemicals as their key ingredients that can further harm our skin especially if it’s sensitive. Due to this reason, many people have switched to organic skin care products, which always have natural elements as their natural ingredients.

Only organically grown components are used to make organic skin care products, a fact that ensures that there is no trace of chemicals in them. This factor helps the skin directly get the beneficial properties of the ingredients used and makes the product mild as it doesn’t have any of the harshness found in chemicals.

Different types of organic skin care products

There is an entire range of organic skin care products available such as, day and night cream for the face, cleansing cream for removing make up and other impurities at the end of each day, day and night creams for the entire body for moisturizing and targeted area cream to remove wrinkles and reduce natural lines.

Before using any organic skin care you must find out your skin type. For example, depending on whether your skin is dry, normal to combination or sensitive you can select the most suitable organic skin care cream for your need. Always ensure that your daily moisturizer includes a sun protection factor, as the sun is by far the skin’s worst enemy. It can cause harm to the skin even on cloudy days when you think that you are safe to roam around without sun protection – the minimum SPF to use at any time whether it is winter or summer is SPF 15.

Is it effective?

It must be clearly understood that chemical based creams being stronger produce the effect faster but their long-term effect is undesirable. Also these beauty products do not have a lasting effect and have a tendency to show reversal of the results after the product is no more used. On the other hand, organic skin care products being much milder restore and bring out the beauty of the skin gradually over a period of time. However, even though the desired results come up slowly, they endure so that the beauty enhancement is not lost once you stop using the product. So, for a lifetime of great looking radiant skin that comes from within, switch to regular use of organic skin care products.