Sebastian hair and Tyme iron products offer a competitive line that is versatile and creates a shape. Texture, lift, shine and an overall healthier feel. Professional stylist have relied on their products for years. The company is an innovative beauty company that inspires professional creativity along with numerous other benefits. Founded in 1970, the company promises to provide styling gel, mousse, foam, among many other products that are needed to help treat and maintain the hair.

There are five main categories when it comes to the line of different products that are available from Sebastian. The five agents include Body Double, Shaper, Laminates, Collection, and Xtah. With these different types of shampoos, conditioners, styling gel, spray, mousse and other agents that help us achieve those wanted hairstyles. With all the different lines, the products have the ability to not only provide protection from many factors but also will have many other advantages when it comes to being compared to other similar companies.

The Body Double has the ability to use revolutionary technology called Bond styling adds not only texture but thickness as well. Which helps achieve weightless and healthy looking and feeling hair. As with the Collection which features 3 products each are used for different effects and texture. The Shaper collection is a full range of cleansing, conditioning, styling and finishing products.

The last two categories, which are Laminates and Xtah. With the use of the Laminates line you will have the ability to give that thick, coarse, and chemically treated hair a sleek, sophisticated shine. Last the Xtah provides your hair with an innovative line that uses raw materials that allow you to take your style to the next level.

All the agents offer many different advantages to caring for your hair. No matter if you have thick, thin, curly, straight or even severely damaged hair. Sebastian hair products can not only treat but help protect but also help in reducing the risk of becoming damaged. If you are ready for a change when it comes to how your hair is treated or looks than it is time to make a change.