It is a fact that the skin is the largest body organ and also the vital covering that shields our body from unfavorable factors. The condition of our skin is a reflection of our health so; it is imperative that we take proper steps to maintain it. There are several skin care products and techniques these days that are designed to take care of all kinds of skin problems. One of these is the Obagi skin care program that helps to repair and restore any damages that the skin may have incurred. The Obagi skin care program has a holistic approach that focuses more on skin health rather than simple skin care.

Dr. Zein Obagi, an internationally recognized dermatologist, originally created the Obagi skin care program. The emphasis of the Obagi skin care program is on paying attention to the overall health of the skin so as to restore the skin fitness. This program is designed so as to rectify some skin conditions such as uneven pigmentation, unsightly blemishes, sun damaged skin, pre-cancerous lesions, skin with large pores, acne, age spots and wrinkles.

The Obagi skin care program highlights the unique concepts of stimulating the skin to attain a more lasting result. Where conventional skin care programs and products would only touch on the superficial areas of skin, the Obagi skin care program penetrates the deeper regions of the skin and strengthens the skin’s inherent capacity to produce collagen and elastin thereby encouraging the formation of healthier skin cells.

Stimulation of the skin from within enhances the overall health of the skin thus making it look smoother and younger looking. What is most appealing about the entire treatment program is that unlike most conventional skin treatment products and programs, which tend to have a short-term effect, Obagi skin care program leaves a longer impact on the skin.

The Obagi skin care program is effective in treating the skin on the face, hands, neck, arms, chest and back. It is possible to use some of the treatments of this program on other parts of the body too, but commonly these areas are subjected to it. Among these areas too, most people opt for the Obagi skin care program for the face. The reason behind this is that the facial skin has to cope with a lot of stress and the Obagi skin care program being highly effective, is able to restore much of the lost radiance.