Before the advent of chemical products, it was herbs and plants that were used for curing all kinds of diseases. They were even used for relieving stress and refreshing the mind and body. Herbal skin care and beauty products were the norm of the day. Today, after experimenting with chemical products and eventually discovering that they do more harm than good, skin care has come full circle. Herbal skin care products have made a strong comeback and are much sought after for providing solutions to a variety of skin related problems.

Herbal skin care products and their basic components

Herbal skin care uses as base ingredients natural extracts from plants and herbs and not chemicals and other artificial substances that will change the body’s chemistry upon application. Herbal skin care is designed to work with the body’s chemistry and improve the immune system both at a superficial and on a deeper level. Since herbal products for skin care are made of natural products they can be easily integrated into the body unlike other skin care products that employ chemicals and can cause an allergic reaction.

Every plant essence used in herbal skin care products is pure and unchanged so as to provide the desired results when used on the appropriate skin type and as specified. There are four main skin types, which must be kept in mind when applying a skin care product, even if it is herbal; normal to combination, oily, dry and sensitive skin.

If the wrong type of herbal skin care is used on the skin it will not give the desired results, at the same time causing skin irritations, rashes and in the worst care scenario, break out of acne or similar skin diseases that are caused by oily skin and clogged-up pores.

Importance of applying the right cream at the right time

While using the correct cream is necessary for the right skin type, it is equally important to use it at the right time. For example, there is herbal skin care available for day and night care for the face as well as the entire body, which will provide the desired outcome when used in the correct manner. A day herbal skin care regimen requires a sun factor protection of minimum 15 in order to make certain that the sun’s ultraviolet rays do not cause any damage.

At the same time, a night herbal skin care is very important because it is a very vital aid in the repair of the damages incurred during the daytime. In spite of all kinds of protection during the day like sun protection, moisturising etc, some skin damage is inevitable. This is because there are factors like pollution, dust and airborne bacteria that cannot be avoided. A night herbal skin care cream plays a significant role in restoring the health of the skin. It works to replenish and revive the skin while you sleep.