The face is the most visible part of our body and any neglect that we show towards it finds an immediate expression that is there for all to see. Our face and other exposed parts of the body like the neck and hands are greatly affected by the weather conditions and pollution. To ensure that our face overcomes the damage caused and is better able to cope with adverse conditions, it is vital that we provide it with facial skin care treatment on a regular basis.

Home facial skin care treatments

You must make it a habit to use a daily moisturizer with at least SPF 15 because the sun is the chief enemy and the only one to blame for the premature lines and wrinkles that you see on your face. Apart from ensuring that you moisturize, cleanse and tone your face everyday you also must take care to revitalize your face and neck once a week.

Facial skin care treatments that you can carry out at home are different types of masks to hydrate, rejuvenate and revitalize your face and neck. These facial skin care treatments are available in the cosmetic section of all top department stores. However, you must determine your skin type before using them so that you do not end up causing more damage in the process. Your skin type is the most important factor that will influence the facial skin care treatment to be used. So, establish before using any facial skin care treatments, whether your skin is normal to combination, oily, dry or sensitive.

Professional facial skin care treatment

It is as important to have professional facial skin care treatment, as it is to carry out a daily skin care routine. Professional care will work at a deeper level to clean and tone your face and neck skin and also to invigorate and rejuvenate it. Beauticians use the best possible masks to hydrate your face and neck. There are also skin care treatments to regain the elasticity of the skin and its natural glow.

It is important that professional facial skin care treatments are not overdone. You must get it done on a monthly basis or as your beautician advises. This is an important aspect to keep in mind because in this case cleansing is done deeply causing a little irritation on the surface, which however passes over in a few days. Then a soft and radiant skin is revealed. If professional skin care treatment is carried out more frequently, the irritation will persist and cause damage to the skin. Beauty experts are also most competent to advise you about your other skin care treatment requirements like, separate day and night creams and the suitability of different products based on your skin type.