Equally important as a regular skin care routine is the fact that the skin type is taken into consideration while formulating a skin care regimen. The different skin types are dry, oily and combination. Each of these skin types require different skin care procedures and products so, it is very essential that you know the correct way of taking care of your skin. There are many people who do not care to understand the specific needs of their skin and provide it with a common care routine, with the result that they are unable to restore the beauty of their skin and sometimes may even end up harming it in the process.

If you have dry skin, you should care for it by ensuring that you provide it with much-needed moisture. There are so many products available today that help in proper dry skin care. If you have dry skin on your legs and arms, you should try using a moisturizing lotion every day. The best time to apply the lotion is immediately after a shower or bath. This will help keep your legs feeling silky and smooth. Many people seem to have problems with facial dry skin, which too requires additional care. The skin on your face is very sensitive, and it is also the most noticeable part of your body. Dry skin care includes the need for washing often, but gently. When washing your face, ensure that you never use hot water. The deposits in the water are too drying. While washing your face you must use a soap or cleanser that is specially made for dry skin. Adding moisturizer immediately after cleansing your face will help make your dry skin look much better.

Home recipes for dry skin

There are many products present in the market to help in dry skin care routine. There are also some recipes that you can use at home in your own kitchen. Some of those are listed below:

Morning skin rejuvenator and cleanser

1 teaspoon of orange juice 1 egg yolk 1 teaspoon of olive oil 3 drops of rose water 4 drops of lemon juice

Mix all of the ingredients together and use as a cleanser in the morning.

Avocado Facial

Avocado is a naturally rich moisturizer that is just right for dry skin care.

Take one avocado and mash it until it is a creamy texture. You can then apply the mixture evenly on both your face and neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and then rinse off well. You will right away notice how soft and smooth your skin has become.

Important suggestions

Skin care must be made an integral part of your daily routine, your busy life notwithstanding. This is even more significant in case of dry skin care. Do not touch your face frequently as this act leads to the natural oils getting lost. Make certain that the skin care products that you use are in keeping with your skin type. These little steps if complied with will help repair any damage that your skin undergoes and consequently you will have a healthy and beautiful skin to boast of.