Avene is a little village in France that gained prominence as the place that has a natural thermal spring with remarkable healing powers. The Avene skin care products were born out of the wonder of this amazing thermal spring. So, the Avene Company has a 250-year long history behind it. Since then they have been striving to bring the goodness of this healing spring water to people all around the world through Avene skin care products.

The miracle of nature

It is common knowledge that water is instrumental in keeping the skin beautiful and in good health. It has been always advised that if you want a glowing skin, you should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Avene skin care products have an added advantage to this wonderful yet simple beauty treatment, i.e. they use the therapeutic properties of this spring to treat and cure sensitive skin problems.

The Avene skin care products cover a number of categories, i.e. daily care, dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, blemish-prone skin, sun care, sensitive skin, and hypersensitive skin. The company has proved its superiority worldwide because all these products have produced excellent results in enhancing the health of the skin.

The healing powers of the Avene skin care products come from the thermal spring water, which is an indispensable ingredient in all the Avene skin care products. When the water was analysed in scientific laboratories (both by Avene skin care company’s labs as well as by independent labs) it was found that it contains traces of minerals, silica and no bacteria. It is perfect for use on sensitive and hypersensitive skin because of its gentle and softening effect on the skin. The French National Academy of Medicine has recognized the benefits on skin and overall health of this wonderful water.

There are many unfortunate people who have over sensitive or hypersensitive skin due to which it is not possible for them to use either herbal or chemical beauty products. These people find the Avene skin care highly suitable – since the thermal spring water actually soothes any reaction and at the same time smoothes the skin bringing out its most wonderful natural glow.

It is believed that after having used Avene skin care products a person can never derive the same level of fulfillment with any other skin care product. Avene skin care products have indeed imbibed the magical powers of the thermal spring as it successfully accomplishes what no other beauty product can easily do- enhance the beauty of sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Today, there are millions of people out there who have Avene skin care products to thank for their radiant and beautiful skin.