Dandruff shampoo is a type of hair care product that was specifically made to regulate the incidence of dandruff in the scalp by getting rid of the flakes that result from this condition. A lot of brands for shampoo are formulated to assist in revitalizing the dry scalp and thus lessen the presence of dandruff. Another dandruff shampoo also contains a conditioner to help in keeping the main soft and shiny.

These types of shampoo are often formulated to perform all of the function of a regular shampoo while also helping to relieve the hair follicles and scalp from flakes. Pyrithione zinc is a common ingredient that are seen in shampoos to treat dandruff, but there are other special ingredients out there that may help as well, though different brand of shampoos offer varying ones. Some people suffer from severe dandruff conditions, while others only have mild ones, each of them should use a different dandruff removal shampoo because their condition may worsen or persist if they used the type that is not suitable for them.

Those who do not want to purchase these types of shampoos may also make one for their own. Homemade versions commonly utilize baking soda or vinegar. Different herbs and essential oils can also be utilized in the recipe such as white oak, comfrey, peppermint, and rosemary. Using the following not only helps in treating dandruff but also leaves the hair fresh and thoroughly cleansed.

A lot of dandruff removal shampoos are formulated to banish dandruff from the scalp while giving the hair the nutrients it needs, very much like a two in one item. Because of this, people need not worry that their hair will become too dry or oily when using this type of product. A person may find this very convenient because it will not interfere with the normal function of a regular shampoo.

Majority of dandruff shampoo works effectively, but in some cases, an individual may find that it is not working for him at all. This is the time when he has to consult his physician or dermatologist. They will give him a prescription for a stronger dandruff removal shampoo, or even a medicinal shampoo. Medicinal shampoos are not to be used daily due to the strong ingredients it contains. It should be discontinued once the dandruff is gone because not doing so may lead to worse conditions. That is why a person who is using this kind of shampoo should take the time to visit his doctor and inform him of the progress his scalp is making.

Different dandruff shampoo can be purchased in the market. It can be bought easily everywhere, including supermarkets, drugstores, vitamin shops and many others so an individual will not have any problems finding one. The only downside to this type of shampoo is it is even more expensive than regular ones, so budget should be set aside for this. Do not worry though, because it is highly effective, and a lot of people who suffered the same thing swear by it.

Other things you need to know to help remove your dandruff

The fungus is the one responsible for having dandruff- Oftentimes, people who have flaky scalp gets paranoid and think that they already developed dandruff, but that is not always the case. People who are really suffering from dandruff have an overactive fungus in their scalp which is called Malassezia furfur. This fungus is normally found in the scalp, and all people have it, but for some, their nervous system tends to overreact to the said fungus causing what they know as dandruff. This dandruff can only be treated with a dandruff shampoo or other medicinal shampoos that contains strong ingredients.

Wash the hair regularly- Some individuals believe that washing the hair frequently is not good. This is a common misconception that will only lead to a person having dandruff in her scalp. A thoroughly washed and clean hair promotes healthy hair growth. If a person does not want to have dandruff or want to focus on making her hair long and beautiful, then she should take the time to wash her hair at least every other day. Be careful not to use a dandruff shampoo that can make the hair dry though.

Learn to condition the hair- To prevent the scalp from being dry, conditioning should be done. Moisturizing the hair should be practiced, but make sure that it is thoroughly washed to make sure that none of the conditioners will be left behind. Do not be worried that it will render the dandruff shampoo useless. In fact, a lot of conditioners out there are specially made to accompany or complement the dandruff removal shampoo, so it may be better to look for those. Also, check the bottle of the conditioner for any directions for use. When it says that the conditioner should only sit for 5 minutes, then follow it diligently. Remember that over conditioning can lead to oily hair. So if a person does not want to suffer from that after having dandruff, then it is best to stick to the instructions.

Do not use too much hair styling products- Mousse, gels, and hair clays look good on a person, but it may leave behind some type of residue or flake in a person’s scalp and hair. This is also the case for other hair care products out there. A person should not use the following often lest she want to make her condition worse.

Always follow the doctor- The dermatologist is the one who knows what is going on with a person’s skin, and that includes the scalp. Some condition such as Seborrheic Dermatitis and Psoriasis will result in a person having dandruff. Because the following cannot be treated, dandruff will not be treated as well, but can only be controlled. That is why following the dermatologist instruction is the key. He will most probably prescribe a good dandruff shampoo or medicinal shampoo to help the person, and this should be the one used.