A Grammar of Vabungula

Part 2.5 - Parts of Speech - Conjunctions

Common Conjunctions

The most common conjunctions are:

      i    and
      is   but
      kral but
      ži   because
      il   or


Note the difference between is and kral.

      So aluga de is so fwil nigo okam de aman.
      I know him but I don’t know his name.

      Ke fwil rênk, kral syf.
      It’s not heavy, but light.


Ži is often paired with da to mean "because of."

      De sigežu ži da ulol. 
      He’s shivering because of the cold.

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Page last modified on December 9, 2000
Vabungula is an artificial language invented by Bill Price in 1965.
Vabungula co nûsk mugola famêlêtke onudž Bill Price larla alara idekuzorekol.
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