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Burr Oak, Iowa

Robert Giffin Price (1862-1935) of Decorah, Iowa, father of Henry, father-in-law of Lottie (Olson) Price. Henry Price, baby picture. Henry Price as a boy. Daughters of Peter and Julia Olson: Olive, Isadore, Lottie. Taken around 1897.
Front: Olive, Lottie, Isadore. Back: Claude Wicks, Lester McIntire. Taken around 1913. August, 1914. Lottie Olson, Florence ("Happy") Price, Henry Price, unidentified friend holding dog. Henry ("Mon") Price, Lottie Olson, April 23, 1916, watching a game of mumblety-peg. Lottie Price and Art, July 14, 1917.
Lottie Price and Art, 1917. Henry Price holding son Art. Art Price, Lottie Price, Dean Price, in Burr Oak in early 1920's. Art Price, Shirley Erickson, Dean Price, June 15, 1924.
Grandchildren of Peter and Julia Olson, October 9, 1927. Front row: Harlan McIntire, Marion Wicks, Loyal McIntire, Marie Wicks. 2nd row: Art Price, Leonard Wicks, Dean Price. Cousins Leonard "Wimpy" Wicks and Art Price, October 9, 1927. Julia (Emery) Olson, wife of Peter Olson, mother of Lottie Price. Back: Lottie Price, Julia Olson, Henry Price, Lester McIntire, Claude Wicks. Front: Isadore McIntire, Dean Price, Harlan McIntire. Taken in 1940's.

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