Price Family Photos

Price Family Photos

Nancy Price Nancy (Wise) Price (1835-1923), widow of Daniel Price (1832-1907) of Burr Oak, Iowa.  They were the parents of James Price (1860-1943), Lucy Amelia (Price) Van Vliet (1860-1937), Robert G. Price (1862-1935), Marion Price (1869-1948), Janie Price (1872-1923), Edward Price (1875-1898), George Price (1878-1944), and David Price (1879-1923).
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Dan Price family The eight children of Dan and Nancy Price. Front row, from left to right: Robert Price (1862-1935), George Price (1878-1944), James Price (1860-1943), David Price (1879-1923), Lucy Price (1860-1937). Back row, left to right: Edward Price (1875-1898), Marion Price (1869-1948), Janie Price (1872-1923).  Photo taken about 1882.
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Price brothers Four sons of Daniel and Nancy Price of Burr Oak, Iowa.  From left to right: James Price (1860-1943), Marion Price (1869-1948), George Price (1878-1944), Robert Price (1862-1935).  Photo taken about 1918.
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Lucy Amelia (Price) Van Vliet Lucy Amelia (Price) Van Vliet (1860-1937), oldest daughter of Daniel and Nancy Price. She and brother James were twins. Lucy married Edward Van Vliet and lived in Montana.
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Robert G. Price Robert G. Price (1862-1935) as a young man in Burr Oak, Iowa.
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Janie (Price) Ellingson Janie (Price) Ellingson (1872-1923), youngest daughter of Daniel and Nancy Price of Burr Oak, Iowa. She married Emil Ellingson and lived in Sanish, North Dakota.
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Nancy Price, Florence Price, Lottie Olson Left to right: Nancy (Wise) Price, with Florence Price (daughter of son Marion Price) and Lottie Olson (future wife of grandson Henry Price). Photo taken near Burr Oak on August 7, 1914.
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Price cousins Price cousins, grandchildren of Daniel and Nancy Price of Burr Oak.   From left to right: Herbert Van Vliet (1887-1977, son of Lucy), Dana Price (1903-1975, son of David), Henry Price (1895-1967, son of Robert), Flossie Price (1895-19??, daughter of James), Florence Price (1896-1996, daughter of Marion), Sidney Price (1906-1989, son of Robert), Stanley Price (1896-1970, son of Robert), Warren Price (1904-1991, son of Robert), Art Price (son of Henry and grandson of Robert), Lottie (Olson) Price (1892-1986, wife of Henry, daughter-in-law of Robert).  Photo taken about 1918.
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Robert and Lillian Price Robert G. Price and Sophia Lillian (Yager) Price, wedding photo, September 6, 1893. Rob and Lillie Price made their home in Decorah, Iowa.
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Robert and Lillian Price family, 1930 Robert and Lillian Price family of Decorah, Iowa, May 30, 1930.  From left to right: Sidney Price (1906-1989), Charles Price (1901-1983), Robert Price (1862-1935), Lillian Price (1864-1932), Henry Price (1895-1967), Warren Price (1904-1991), Stanley Price (1896-1970).
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Henry Price family The Henry Price family on June 4, 1939.  From left to right: Dean Price, Art Price, Henry Price, Lottie Price.
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Henry and Lottie Price Henry and Lottie Price, November 4, 1960. Henry was the oldest son of Robert and Lillian Price.  Henry and Lottie lived in Burr Oak.  Lottie's father was Peter Olson of Norway.
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