Price Family History, Part 2

The Descendants of Daniel Price Sr. of Vestal Center, Broome County, New York


This essay is divided into two main sections:

1. The descendants of Daniel Price Jr.

2. The descendants of James Price

Daniel Price Jr. and his Descendants

Daniel Price Jr. of Vestal Center, Broome county, New York, married Deborah Cafferty in about 1803. The Caffertys were a local family that lived in the Vestal Center area the same time as the Prices. A Josiah and Deborah W. Cafferty, possibly parents of Deborah, are buried at the Union Cemetery in Broome County where Daniel is also buried. Daniel and Deborah had six sons and one daughter. They are as follows:

1) Josiah Price, born 1804.

2) William Price, born September 9, 1807.

3) Joseph H. Price, born 1812/13.

4) Ryas (or Rierson) W. Price, born April 10, 1815.

5) George S. Price, born 1819/20.

6) John R. Price, born about 1820.

7) Hannah Price, born 1825.

Of these children, only Ryas and George lived out their lives in Broome county. Ryas apparently inherited the family farm, and Daniel and Deborah were living with them as late as 1850. George lived for a while in Binghamton, and then moved to a farm near Kirkwood in Broome county, where he raised his family and lived out the rest of his life. Joseph and his family moved to Dubuque county, Iowa, between 1850 and 1860, and William Price and family moved to Iroquois County, Illinois at about the same time. There is no information available on the later whereabouts of John R. Price. The oldest son, Josiah Price, died at age 12, and Hannah Price died at age 15.


Second Generation - Daniel Price Jr.'s Children


Josiah Price, oldest son of Daniel and Deborah Price, was born in 1804. According to his tombstone in the Riverside Cemetery in Union, NY, he died on November 2, 1816, at the age of 12 years, 10 months, and 3 days.

William Price lived and farmed in the Vestal Center area in the 1830's and 1840's. He married Jane Grey Dunbar around 1830. Jane was born on January 23, 1813 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. William raised a family of seven boys and one girl:

1) Josiah Hawley Price, born 1831/32.

2) Joseph Castle Price, born 1833/34.

3) Harriet Minette Price, born 1836/37.

4) George Allan Price, born November 4, 1839.

5) Benjamin Franklin Price, born May 12, 1843.

6) John Daniel Price, born 1844/45.

7) William Horace Price, born 1848/49.

8) Frederick Martin Price, born 1854.

William is first mentioned by name in the 1935 Broome County census, which reports that his family occupied 9 acres of land, and that they owned 2 cows, 7 sheep, and 1 hog. Land records show that he was involved in land transactions in Vestal township of Broome County in the 1830's and 1840's, primarily with other Price family members. He appears again in the 1840 and 1850 Broome County census. Sometime between 1850 and 1861 William and Jane Price moved to Iroquois County, Illinois.

The 1850 census states that the value of William Price's real estate was $600.

One source gives William Price's death date as May 9, 1890.

William's wife Jane was known in later years as "Lady Grey" and lived with her sister-in-law Myra (Wentz) Price in Watseka, Iroquois County, Illinois. She was still living at the turn of the century at age 88.

Joseph H. Price lived and farmed in the Vestal Center area in at least the 1840's. He married Rebecca L., last name unknown. They had at least four children:

1) a son, born 1830/35.

2) Ellen Price, born 1834/35.

3) Samuel Price, born 1843/44.

4) LaCount Price, born December 23, 1847.

Joseph H. Price is first mentioned by name in the 1935 Broome County census, which reports that he owned 2 cattle and 2 hogs, but no land. Land records show that he bought and sold land in Vestal township in the early 1840's. Like his brother William, he appears in the 1840 and 1850 census, but afterwards disappears from New York.

The 1850 census states that the value of Joseph H. Price's real estate was $450.

In the 1860 census Joseph and Rebecca Price and family are found living in Whitewater township, Dubuque county, Iowa. Joseph's occupation was listed as "carpenter".

In the 1870 census Joseph and Rebecca are listed as still living in Whitewater township, Dubuque county, Iowa.

Ryas W. Price, also named Ryerson (or Rierson) W. Price, married Mary M. Truesdell, daughter of Silas Paddock Truesdell and Amy (Wicks) Truesdell, early Vestal Center settlers. There are many references to Silas P. Truesdell and the Truesdell family in early county records. Silas, who was born on September 10, 1782 and died on June 22, 1842, was a son of Jabesh Truesdell, an old settler who had been one of George Washington's personal bodyguards during the American Revolution. Jabesh Truesdell, who married Bethiah Paddock, was born on February 2, 1759 and died on February 11, 1838.

Ryas W. Price is first mentioned in the 1840 Broome County census. He is first mentioned in Broome county land records in a September 1842 deed, in which his brother Joseph H. Price sells him 3/4 acre of land, previously sold to Joseph by brother William one year earlier. This deed states that Ryas W. Price was from Oswego in neighboring Tioga county, which may indicate that for a while he lived outside of Broome county.

Ryas W. Price appears in the 1850, 1860, 1865, and 1875 Broome county census. The 1850 census states that the value of R. W. Price's real estate was $900. In 1860 it was $2000, and the value of his personal property was $740.

Plat books for Vestal township in 1866 and 1876 show the R. W. Price farm as located in Lot 9, with an adjoining piece of property in Lot 15 containing the farm house, on the northwest side of Sugar Creek Road in the village of Vestal Center, just up the road from the Baptist Church. The 1908 plat book shows this same property owned by R. W. Price's son-in-law Charles F. Russell.

1875 agricultural statistics from the county census show that Ryas W. Price owned 43 acres of improved land, and 2 acres of unimproved land. The cash value of his farm was $2500.

Ryas and Mary had three daughters. Had there instead been three sons, there is a chance that Prices would have been farming the family farm at Vestal Center well into the 20th century. The three daughters are as follows:

1) Amy Ann Price, born July 27, 1846.

2) Deborah J. Price, born May 1850.

3) Hannah Price, born June 1852.

It is interesting to see how the daughters were named: Amy was the name of their maternal grandmother, and Deborah was their paternal grandmother. It is possible that Hannah was named after her great-grandmother Hannah Price.

Amy Price married Scovel Judson Upham from Georgetown, Madison county, New York. She and Scovel raised a family of eight children in Madison county. There is little information available about the other two daughters. In 1875 they were both living with their parents; Deborah was a school teacher at the time, and Hannah was a dress maker.

Deborah Price married Frank Maxwell in about 1882 and had at least four children.

Hannah Price married Charles F. Russell who inherited the R. W. Price farm at Vestal Center. Charles and Hannah Russell had two daughters.

Ryas W. Price died on May 30, 1897 and is buried in the Vestal Center cemetery, as are uncle and aunt James and Lucy. Ryas' wife Mary Price died on July 4, 1875, at age 60 years, 8 months, and 11 days, putting her birth date at around November 23, 1814. Another source has her birthday as March 23, 1815. She is buried in the Vestal Center cemetery with her husband Ryas.

Daniel Price Jr.'s fifth son George S. Price married Emily M. Tucker, who was born in December 1826. George and Emily Price had a family of four boys and one girl:

1) John F. Price, born November 4, 1845.

2) James M. Price, born November 10, 1847.

3) Jerome E. Price, born August 9, 1850.

4) Charles E. Price, born July 16, 1859.

5) Jessie B. Price, born April 2, 1863.

George does not appear by name in the census until 1850, when he is shown with his wife and two youngest sons, working as a "laborer" in Vestal township. He owned no land in 1850. Ten years later in 1860 he was living in Binghamton, still owned no land, and was working as a boatman.

Later George moved to a farm near Kirkwood in Broome county, east of Binghamton. The 1875 Broome county census says that he was working a 102-acre farm near Kirkwood valued at $15,000, and was living with his wife Emily, son James, and daughter Jessie. In 1880 he was still on the farm with his wife, son, and daughter, as well as a young farm hand named George Edwards.

George S. Price wrote his will on April 28, 1888, in which he names his wife Emily and his children James, Jerome, and Jessie as heirs. Son James was apparently still working on the farm in 1888. In addition to his Kirkwood farm, George owned some land in Fairview, New York. One of the witnesses who signed the will was cousin William Price of Binghamton, son of George's uncle James Price.

George S. Price died on March 1, 1894, and in April his widow Emily acted as the executrix of his estate. Son James was summoned by the probate court for the proving of the will, as was Martha L. Price, widow of George's cousin William Price of Binghamton.

Emily M. Price died on July 29, 1913 in Binghamton, Broome County, New York.

John R. Price, youngest son of Daniel and Deborah Price, was born around 1820. Other than a couple land transactions between him and Daniel Price in 1842 and 1843, there are no known references to John R. Price in county records.

Hannah Price, youngest child and only daughter of Daniel and Deborah Price, was born in 1825. According to her tombstone in the Riverside Cemetery, she drowned in the Susquehanna River at the age of 15 on November 5, 1840. She is buried next to her brother Josiah.

Third Generation - Daniel Price Jr.'s Grandchildren

Josiah Hawley Price, first son of William and Jane Price of Vestal Center, married Anna Eliza Craft. He died in LaPorte County, Indiana in 1864. Josiah and Anna Price had two children:

1) William Howard Price, born October 29, 1858.

2) Jane Anne "Jennie" Price, born 1861.

Joseph Castle Price, second son of William and Jane Price of Vestal Center, moved to Iroquois County, Illinois, with his parents. Joseph died on November 13, 1894 in Watseka, Iroquois County, Illinois. Iroquois County probate files for 1870-1898 list a Joseph C. Price.

Harriet Minette Price, oldest daughter of William and Jane Price of Vestal Center, married Henry Weaver Jr.. Henry Weaver was born in Wayne County, New York, the son of Henry Weaver Sr. According to his biography in "History of Iroquois County" by Hiram Williams Beckwith, 1880, Henry Weaver Jr. first settled in Kane County, Illinois, and spent ten years farming, a time period that included his service in the Civil War. In 1861 he enlisted in Company F of the 8th Illinois Cavalry and for a term of three years. After eight months service, however, he was discharged at Alexandria on disability. Henry accepted a position of baggage master for the Illinois Central Railroad, a position he kept for twelve years, working at Loda, Iroquois County, Illinois. In November 1878 he quit the railroad job and became a hotel and restaurant keeper, his employment as of the 1880 biography. Henry and Harriet Weaver had at least seven children:

1) Abram H. Weaver.

2) Percey L. Weaver.

3) Edith Weaver

4) Gertrude Weaver

5) Freddie Weaver

6) Bertha Weaver

7) George Weaver

George Allan Price, third son of William and Jane Price of Vestal Center, married Adelaide Augusta Wentz, second daughter and fourth child of William and Beulah Wentz of Binghamton, on February 15, 1865. Adelaide Wentz was born in November 21, 1843 in Binghamton. It is interesting to note that Adelaide's younger sister Myra married George's younger brother William H. Price in 1873. (Myra also was married to "Frank" (Benjamin Franklin) Price. There were thus three separate marriages between the Price family of Vestal Center and the Wentz family of Binghamton.)

George and Adelaide Price lived in Brooklyn, Kings county, New York. They had two sons, both born in Brooklyn:

1) Henry Allan Price, born July 1868.

2) Frank Julian Price, born 1870.

There are two rather good biographical sketches of George A. Price available, both of which were published during his lifetime. One is found in the "History of the Ninth Regiment Illinois Cavalry Volunteers", edited by Edward A. Davenport, Chicago, 1888; and the other is in "History of U. S. Grant Post, No. 327, Brooklyn, N.Y., Including Biographical Sketches of Its Members" by Henry Whittemore, published in 1885. Combining the data from these sources, along with census reports, we have the following picture of his life:

After attending schools in his home town of Vestal, George Allan Price moved to New York City at the age of 12 (1851/52) and began working as an apprentice in a hat factory. On April 18, 1861, immediately upon the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined Company E of the Seventh Regiment, New York State Militia. After forty days in Washington he returned to New York and obtained unlimited furlough so as to allow him to join any other regiment engaged in active service. In July 1861 he went to visit his parents in Iroquois County, Illinois, and on November 9, 1861 he enlisted in Company M of the newly formed Ninth Illinois Cavalry.

On November 18, 1861 he was made Commissary Sergeant of Company M, and on November 30th he was mustered in at Chicago for three years of war service. In 1862 he was appointed Regimental Sergeant-Major. During the first half of 1862 he served in several campaigns in SE Missouri and NE Arkansas, one of them being the skirmish at Waddell Farm, Arkansas, on June 12, 1862. During the summer his regiment marched across the state of Arkansas to the town of Helena on the Mississippi River. This march was described as "one of the most arduous and fatiguing of any made during the Civil War. The weather was intensely hot, and the road lay through the malaria-breeding swamps and fenlands, where the trailing masses of Spanish moss on the cypress trees wave like mourning bands over the reeking lands." It was almost impossible to find drinking water during this trek, and five men in the regiment died along the way.

By the time the regiment reached Helena on July 14, a large portion of the troops were disabled by illness and exhaustion. Many of them were granted furloughs and sick leave. Sergeant-Major George A. Price was one of the many who had fallen ill due to the "the malarious influences of Arkansas swamps", and on September 4, 1862 he was discharged for disability at Helena.

After his health was restored, George A. Price returned to New York in January 1863. In February 1864 he became a member of Bigelow & Co., hatters and furriers of Brooklyn, and a year later on February 15, 1865, he married Adelaide A. Wentz.

In 1869 he went into partnership with James Balch to purchase the Bigelow & Co. hat concern, the name of which was changed to Balch, Price & Co. The business was very successful, and the Balch-Price Furriers at 376 Fulton Street became one of the leading furriers in the "parlor city" of Brooklyn.

The 1880 census shows George A. Price living at 624 Carleton Avenue in Brooklyn, working as a hatter.

George Allan Price

In 1884 he joined the Grand Army of the Republic, a Civil War veterans association. In 1885 he was appointed adjutant of his post, No. 327, and after the death of Ulysses S. Grant in 1885 he was instrumental in having his post named after the former President. While the remains of Grant lay in state at the state capitol in Albany on August 5, 1885, George A. Price had command of the Seventh Relief from 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. On August 8, 1885, he accompanied Grant's coffin to its final resting place at Riverside. It is stated that "great credit is due to him for his zeal and activity displayed in the preliminary arrangements for the memorial services held at the Academy of Music" on the evening of September 29, 1885.

By 1888 George A. Price was Senior Vice-Commander of GAR post 327. He was also a member of the New England Society of Brooklyn, and he was elected President of the Bryant Society of Brooklyn.

In the 1900 census he is shown as owning a mortgaged home at 18 Montgomery Place, then a very exclusive part of Brooklyn near Prospect Park, and is listed in the census as a hatter and furrier. His sons had moved out, and he was living with his wife and a servant Letitia Sloan. Twenty years later in 1920 he was a widower, living with his son Frank J. Price, and with two Scandinavian servants, Ingeborg Erickson and Annie Svenson. George's wife Adelaide died on February 9, 1915, just six days before their 50th wedding anniversary.

In addition to the census data, George A. Price is listed in the Brooklyn city directories of 1909 and 1910. His hat and fur business, according to the directories, was located at 376 Fulton in Brooklyn. On February 24, 1890, George A. Price and brother-in-law Richard Willing Wentz acted as executors of the estate of mother-in-law Beulah Wentz of Binghamton.

"Colonel" George Allan Price died on January 16, 1924 at the age of 84, and was buried beside his wife in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. According to his obituary in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle "Colonel Price had always the keenest interest in making Brooklyn what Brooklyn ought to be. He helped to secure the desired name for U. S. Grant Post, G. A. R. He was active in the Montauk Club, active in the Crescent Club, active in the old Union League Club, president of the Oxford Club for a long term of years, Civil Service Commissioner for one term, and an enthusiastic member of the Seventh Regiment War Veterans organization. He was a Republican Presidential elector in 1904, though never prominent in politics."

George Allan Price's estate in 1925 was valued at $141,195.50.

Benjamin Franklin Price Benjamin Franklin ("Frank") Price, the fourth son of William and Jane Price, was a farmer until he joined Company M of the Ninth Illinois Cavalry, along with his older brother George A. Price. Service records give his muster date as Aug 28, 1862, and his residence as Onarga, Iroquois County, Illinois. He served for three years and participated in several skirmishes and one battle. While serving in Sturgis's division in the battle at Guntown, Mississippi on June 10, 1864, he was struck by a musket ball in the left arm. He subsequently rode to Memphis, Tennessee, a distance of 125 miles, where he had his arm amputated on June 13, 1864. He had nothing to eat during the entire journey.

In 1867 B. F. Price married Olive S. Major, who was born in Indiana on April 26, 1841. B. F. Price served as Loda town collector for twelve years, deputy sheriff for ten years, constable for ten years, and express agent for twelve years. In 1885 he was serving as Treasurer of Iroquois County, Illinois. A descendant of the Wentz family stated that "Frank" Price was married to Myra Wentz Price, sister of George A. Price's wife Adelaide Wentz and widow of William H. Price who passed away on February 12, 1880. Frank's first wife Olive passed away on September 27, 1893, and so the marriage to Adelaide Wentz Price must have occurred after that date. One source mentions B. F. Price and son Major Price being witnesses to a wedding in Watseka, Iroquois County, Illinois, in 1896.

B. F. and Olive Price had two children:

1) Addie A. Price, born October 31, 1868.

2) Major Price, born December 30, 1873.

John Daniel Price, the fifth son of William and Jane Price, married Eve Baker. John died on February 13, 1909.

William Horace Price, the sixth son of William and Jane Price, married Myra Isabelle Wentz on September 16, 1873, in the city of Binghamton. Myra Isabelle Wentz was the 3rd daughter and 5th child of William and Beulah Wentz of Binghamton. Her sister Adelaide A. Wentz was the wife of William's brother George Allan Price. William and Myra had two children:

1) Grace Allan Price, born 1873/76. (Two census reports conflict on age).

2) Harrison Cowl Price, born October 29, 1878.

A Broome county newspaper reported that William died at Loda, Iroquois County, Illinois, on February 12, 1880 at the age of 31. In the 1880 census, however, his wife Myra is listed as "married" rather than "widow". Myra was living with her parents William and Beulah Wentz and sister Delia at 56 Oak Street in Binghamton in 1880. With her were daughter Grace, age 6, and son Harrison, age 8.

In the 1892 census for the city of Binghamton, Myra W. Price, 47 years old, is shown living in the 3rd Ward with children Grace, age 16, and son Harrison, age 14, both students.

Myra Isabelle Wentz Price died in Los Angeles, California, on February 21, 1916.

Frederick Martin Price, the seventh son of William and Jane Price, died in 1879 in Cincinatti, Ohio.

Samuel Price, oldest son of Joseph H. and Rebecca Price of Vestal Center, was listed in the 1860 census as living with his parents and siblings in Whitewater township, Dubuque county, Iowa. He was listed as 16 years old, a farmer born in New York.

LaCount Price, the youngest son of Joseph H. and Rebecca Price of Vestal Center, was listed in the 1860 census as living with his parents and siblings in Whitewater township, Dubuque county, Iowa. The 1880 census lists both him and his wife Emma as being born in Ohio. This is almost certainly an error, since LaCount was born in New York; it may be that his wife was born in Ohio, and the census taker recorded the data inaccurately.

Another source lists a LaCount M. Price as having married Amy Jennings on October 2, 1873. Amy Jennings, born May 14, 1854, was the daughter of Platt Jennings (of Licking county, Ohio) and Rachael Ann Harris. The Jennings family lived in Ohio, but moved to Jones County, Iowa in 1853, and by 1887 was living in Monticello, Iowa.

In 1880 LaCount Price was working as a railroad conductor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He and his wife Amy/Emma had three children:

1) Harry R. Price, born June 22, 1875.

2) Florence May Price, born October 12, 1879.

3) William H. Price, born August 28, 1881.

LaCount Price died in 1896 and was buried in the Oak Hill cemetery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The 1920 census for Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois shows an Amie M. Price (age 65/widowed) living with two adult children: Florence M. (age 39/divorced) and William G. (age 37/divorced) living at 3807 Wilton Avenue.

Amy Ann Price, oldest daughter of Ryas W. and Mary Price of Vestal Center, married Scovel Judson Upham of Georgetown, Madison county, New York, on December 22, 1870. Scovel J. Upham, born June 10, 1846, was the third child of farmer Benjamin Holinbroke Upham (November 10, 1817 - March 13, 1886) and Ann (Swan) Upham (December 22, 1815 - March 4, 1891) of Madison county. Benjamin and Ann were married in Lebanon, Madison county, on October 14, 1838.

The nine children of Scovel and Amy Upham were as follows:

1) Floyd Hawley Upham, born August 28, 1872.

2) Lena May Upham, born February 4, 1874.

3) Charles Morrell Upham, born June 6, 1876.

4) Carrie Louisa Upham, born October 9, 1878.

5) Ned Upham, born January 31, 1880; died August 21, 1881.

6) DeEtte Blanche Upham, born February 20, 1882.

7) Marian Grace Upham, born May 7, 1883.

8) Frank Upham, born January 24, 1887; died March 14, 1888.

9) Mabel Luella Upham, born January 28, 1889

Scovel J. Upham was a dairy farmer, as were others in his family. In the 1880 census he describes his occupation as "cheese maker." Among his neighbors in the late 19th century were his parents, his older brother Marsena Upham (1842 - 1920), and his brother-in-law Henry A. Wadsworth who married his oldest sister Mary E. Upham.

It appears that they continued living on their Madison county farm for the rest of their lives, passing it on to their oldest son Floyd. Amy A. Upham died in 1897 and her husband Scovel died on December 19, 1919; they are both buried in Georgetown.

Deborah J. Price, the second daughter of Ryas W. and Mary M. Price of Vestal Center, married Frank Adams Maxwell in about 1882. Frank Maxwell was born in Olymer, New York, on September 14, 1854 and died on October 30, 1939. Frank and Deborah Maxwell lived in Georgetown, Clear County, Colorado. The four children of Frank and Deborah were as follows:

1) Donald Price Maxwell, born September 6, 1884.

2) Laura Maxwell, born August 15, 1887.

3) Robert Seymour Maxwell, born May 9, 1890.

4) Frank J. Maxwell, born 1892.

Charles Russell family Hannah Price, the third daughter of Ryas W. and Mary M. Price of Vestal Center, married Charles F. Russell in Vestal Center on December 16, 1875. Charles F. Russell was born in 1852 in Vestal Center, NY, and took over Price farm after his father-in-law's death. Charles Russell died in 1925 and his wife Hannah in 1938. Both are buried in the Vestal Center cemetery.

The children of Charles F. and Hannah Russell are as follows:

1) Florence Mary Russell, born June 1879.

2) Leah L. Russell, born January 4, 1889.

John F. Price, the first son of George S. and Emily M. Price of Kirkwood, died on May 16, 1871 at the age of 25.

James M. Price, the second son of George S. and Emily M. Price of Kirkwood, married Eugenie V. Finch, born October 1862, the marriage taking place in 1882.

James M. Price farmed in the Kirkwood area of Broome county, New York, for his entire adult life. He also served as town supervisor and justice of the peace. On April 13, 1894, James M. Price was present in Broome county probate court at the proving of his father's will. James himself died nine years later on February 3, 1903, at the age of 55, and his wife Eugenie died in 1910.

The children of James M. and Eugenie V. Price were as follows:

1) Frank A. Price, born February 1887.

2) Ella Price, born January 1889.

3) George O. Price, born October 1891.

Jerome E. Price, the third son of George S. and Emily M. Price of Kirkwood, married Dulcie A. Kipp, born August 1855.

The five children of Jerome E. and Dulcie A. Price are as follows:

1) Lena M. Price, born September 7, 1875.

2) John Price, born August 9, 1877.

3) Clarence K. Price, born October 11, 1879.

4) Velora M. Price, born June 26, 1884.

5) Charles E. Price, born May 13, 1891.

In 1880 Jerome was a farm laborer in Kirkwood. Ten years later in 1900 Jerome was living with his family in a rented home at 16 Moeller street in Binghamton. His occupation is listed as blacksmith.

In later years, Jerome and Dulcie went to live with their daughter Velora and son-in-law Fletcher McLennan, who were living at 194 Robinson Street, Binghamton, in 1920.

Jerome died on May 17, 1939 in Binghamton, and his wife Dulcie died in 1930 in the same city.

Charles E. Price, the fourth son of George S. and Emily M. Price of Kirkwood, died on February 21, 1862 at the age of 2.

Jessie B. Price, daughter of George S. and Emily M. Price of Kirkwood was married in about 1883 to Charles Livingston, born about 1861. Jessie died on July 8, 1939 in Binghamton.


Fourth Generation and Beyond - Daniel Price Jr.'s Great-Grandchildren and Descendants

William Howard Price, son of Josiah Hawley and Anna Eliza Price, married Rosetta Hobson on May 25, 1880. William first farmed in Kansas from 1877 through 1890. From 1890 to 1900 he was a horse trader, and from 1899 to 1904 he was in the hardware business. From 1904 to 1910 he again farmed in Kansas, but by 1911 he had moved to California and become an orange grower. In 1911 he was elected to the city council in Fillmore, California, and in 1924 he was elected mayor of the same city, serving until April, 1928. He was trustee and treasurer of the Mex. Mission in Fillmore, and in 1929, the date of his biography (published in "Who's Who in California, a Biographical Directory, 1928-1929", page 687) he was the owner of two large orange groves near Fillmore. He was president and director of the Fillmore Citrus Fruit Association, and of the Ramona Building and Loan Assocation of Fillmore, as well as vice-president and director of the Fillmore Irrigation Company. In 1929 he was living at 431 Saratoga Street in Fillmore.

William Howard and Rosetta Price had three children:

1) Arthur C. Price, born 1881.

2) Carrie A. Price.

3) Lester A. Price, born 1890.

William's wife Rosetta passed away sometime between 1890 and 1903. William married again, this time on January 19, 1903, to Carrie Bell King, born in 1863. William passed away in 1944, and his wife Carrie in 1958. William and Carrie are buried in the Bardsdale cemetery in Ventura County, California.

Jane Anne Price, daughter of Josiah Hawley and Anna Eliza Price, married Arba Jasper Heald, born November 7, 1860, the son of Edwin Chester Heald and Sarah Ann (Welch) Heald. Arba and Jane Heald had at least three children:

1) Eleanor Claudine Heald, born 1882.

2) Bess Irene Heald, born 1884.

3) Arba Jasper Heald Jr., born 1887.

Arba Jasper Heald died in Gypsam Creek, McPherson County, Kansas, in 1887. His wife Jane died at the same locality.

Henry Allan Price

Henry Allan Price, oldest son of George Allan Price and Adelaide Price of Brooklyn, was born in Brooklyn on July 4, 1868. On May 2, 1895 he married Emily Murray Hood, sister of Lindley Murray Jr., at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, the marriage ceremony being conducted by Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott. They had one son, Allan Murray Price, born in Brooklyn on May 11, 1896. Henry, as his brother Frank, received his education at Yale University.

The 1900 census lists Henry's address at 496 Classon Avenue in Brooklyn, and states that he was a furrier (probably working in his father's business). He had two servants in his home: a nurse Jennie Walsh, and a cook Catherine Flanagan. By 1920 he was working at his home on 329 Adelphi as an "artist". His wife and son were still living with him, as well as a 23-year-old "cousin" Walter A. Hall, a local druggist. The 1909 and 1910 Brooklyn directories and a business card also show his address as 329 Adelphi.

According to his business card, Henry ("Harry") Allan Price by profession was a "Designer, Engrosser, Illuminator of memorial albums, resolutions, book plates, coats of arms, and diplomas". Henry was probably better known as an elocutionist, dramatic speaker, entertainer, and impersonator who put on dramatic and musical performances throughout New York and neighboring states for several years. In his recitals he was accompanied on the piano by his wife Emily.

In 1928 Henry and Emily Price moved from Brooklyn into a home in Silvermine, Connecticut. Henry died on March 27, 1953, and his wife Emily shortly thereafter on June 9, 1953. They are buried in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.

Henry Allan and Adelaide Price had one child:

1) Allan Murray Price, born May 11, 1896.

Allan Murray PriceAllan Murray Price, only son of Henry Allan and Emily Price, was born in Brooklyn, New York, on May 11, 1896. Allan Price attended Groton School for boys, Brooklyn’s Polytechnic Preparatory School, and Hotchkiss School in Connecticut, and then followed in the footsteps of his father and uncle by enrolling in Yale University in the class of 1919. He was in glee club, ROTC, and fencing at Yale, and a member of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity.

Allan Murray Price in Navy uniformHis studies were interrupted by the outbreak of World War I, however, and he never graduated. Allan Price joined the U.S. Navy on May 17, 1917, serving two years until April 17, 1919. Mary Apel, a family friend, sculpted a bust of Allan Price which was named "Portrait of a Sailor". A picture of this bust was published in the New York Times on August 4, 1918. In the spring of 1919 he received a B.A. honoris causa from Yale.

Returning to Brooklyn, Allan Price became a claims investigator in the New York insurance offices of the T.G.R. Pierson Co. In 1920 he joined the American Bank Note Co. at 70 Broad Street, remaining there the rest of his life, as a salesman until 1935, then as its manager of domestic sales. Allan Price was a member of the "Bankers", a club founded 1915 with clubrooms atop the Equitable Building at 120 Broadway. He was also a member of Christopher Morley's "Three Hours for Lunch Club", as well as a member of the "Baker Street Irregulars", an exclusive club of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts co-founded by Christopher Morley. On March 27, 1924, in Scarsdale, he was married to Harriette Lorraine Woodruff of New York (Smith College, class of 1921), and the couple raised two children at 1349 Lexington Ave.

Allan M. Price suffered from a chronic heart disease, to which he succumbed on February 16, 1943, at the age of 46.

Frank J. PriceFrank Julian Price, second son of George and Adelaide Price of Brooklyn, was born in Brooklyn on February 3, 1870. Frank was educated at Yale University and went into the law profession, becoming a prominent attorney in New York City. In 1909-10 he had an office at 43 Cedar in Manhattan, and was living at 18 Montgomery Place, the address of his father. The city directory appends the following information after his name: "asst corporation counsel Borough Hall & lawyer." In 1920 he was still living with his father George at the same Montgomery Place address. Frank Price never married.

Frank J. Price also served as a member of the New York state assembly from 1900-1901, representing Kings County, 12th District.

Frank died on March 4, 1950, and was buried beside his brother and parents in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

Major Price, son of Benjamin Franklin Price and Olive S. Price, was born on December 30, 1873. He died on February 24, 1903 and was buried in the GAR Cemetery in Watseka, Illinois.

Grace Allan Price, daughter of William H. Price and Myra I. Wentz, married Rev. Herbert Gould Crocker, a graduate of Union Theological Seminary in New York, the marriage officiated by Rev. Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis at Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn on October 8, 1902. Rev. Herbert and Grace Crocker moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where Herbert accepted a pastorate at a Congregational Church. By 1906 they had moved back to New York state, first to Binghamton, and then back to Brooklyn where Herbert served as assistant pastor at the Lewis Avenue Congregational Church. In 1907 he accepted a position as assistant pastor at the Plymouth Congregational Church, serving with Rev. Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis. Sometime between 1909 and 1922 Herbert G. Crocker and Grace Allan Price Crocker moved to Newberg, Oregon. They had at least one child:

1) George Price Crocker.

Harrison Cowl Price, son of William Horace Price and wife Myra, was born on October 29, 1878. He married Dora Anna Keyes, born 1883. Harrison and Dora Price had the following children:

1) William Wentz Price, born July 21, 1902.

2) Adelaide Dunbar Price, born 1905.

3) Richard Harrison Price, born 1913.

4) Frank Ted Price, born April 20, 1919.

5) Katherine Keyes Price.

Harrison Cowl Price died in 1954, and his wife Dora in 1962.

Harry R. Price, son of LaCount Price and Amy (Jennings) Price, married Cora M. Frazier, daughter of William Frazier and Cora Aldrich(?). Like his father before him, Harry was a railroad man. Harry and Cora Price lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and had three children:

1) LaCount Price, born 1897/1898.

2) Genevieve Price, born 1899/1900.

3) Harry Ristine Price, born November 22, 1902.

According to a granddaughter, Harry R. Price was killed in an accident when his son Harry Ristine Price was around two years old. The accident probably occurred a year or two later, however, since the 1905 Iowa Census shows Harry and Cora Price living at 10th Avenue in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. This same granddaughter relates that after Harry's death his widow Cora married Olin S. Torrence and moved with the three Price children to Spokane, Washington. Death certificates for the state of Washington show that Olin S. Torrence died in Yakima on July 4, 1953, and Cora M. Torrence died in Spokane on December 15, 1969.

Floyd Hawley Upham, oldest son of Sovel J. Upham and Amy Ann (Price) Upham, married Lena Ursula Bunts on September 11, 1901. Lena U. Bunts was born on August 20, 1880, the daughter of Wilton F. and Emma Ursula Bunts. Floyd and Lena had the following children:

1) Gerald Upham, born 1906.

2) Howard Scovill Upham, born June 10, 1908.

Lena Ursula (Bunts) Upham died on March 26, 1910. Floyd H. Upham married again on September 20, 1914, this time to Ora Marie Brimmer, born on November 20, 1882 in Tracy Creek, Broome County, New York, the daughter of Allen and Minnie Brimmer. Floyd and Ora Upham had at least one child:

1) Kenneth D. Upham, born September 14, 1915.

The 1920 census shows Floyd H. and Ora M. Upham living on Georgetown Road in Lebanon, Madison county, New York.

Floyd Hawley Upham died in September, 1963, in Lebanon, New York. His wife Ora died in Lebanon in 1968.

Howard S. Upham is listed in the Social Security index as having died in Pasco county, Florida, in December 5, 1983.

Kenneth D. Upham is listed in the Social Security index as having died in Madison county, New York, on August 2, 2006.

Lena May Upham, second child of Sovel J. Upham and Amy Ann (Price) Upham, married Carlton Ladurna Dunham on June 15, 1889. Carlton Dunham was born in Lebanon, New York, on January 29, 1869, the son of Lansing and Delia Dunham. Carlton and Lena Dunham had the following children:

1) DeWitt Upham Dunham, born June 23, 1894.

2) Clarence DeVer Dunham, born August 20, 1895.

3) Cleon Leslie Dunham, born September 2, 1896.

4) Clayton Ladurna Dunham, born June 30, 1900.

Lena May Upham also married Rilla Cook. Lena died on March 15, 1921 in Lebanon, New York.

Charles Morrell Upham, the third child of Scovel J. Upham and Amy Ann (Price) Upham, was born in Madison county, New York, on June 6, 1876. On December 3, 1903 he married Mabel K. Spicer, born June 5, 1885 in Lebanon, NY, the daughter of Will and Eliza E. Spicer. By this marriage there were at least two sons:

1) Charles M. Upham, born 1907/1908.

2) Raymond L. Upham, born 1908/1909.

Mabel K. (Spicer) Upham died in Syracuse, NY, on February 1, 1917. In the 1920 census Charles Upham is shown as widower, living with his two sons on East Main Road, Lebanon, Madison county. He was a foreman at a creamery, a wage earner, and he owned his home free of mortgage.

On May 18, 1920, Charles married again, this time to Ethel M. Fish, who was born on October 17, 1893. Charles and Ethel had the following children:

1) Doris Upham, born 1921/1922.

2) Mildred Upham, born 1925/1926.

3) Floyd R. Upham, born 1928.

Charles Morrell Upham died in Lebanon, NY, in February 1964. His wife Ethel died in 1974.

Carrie Louisa Upham, the fourth child of Scovel J. Upham and Amy Ann (Price) Upham, was born on October 9, 1878. On June 21, 1904 she married Clarence Lynn Higgins, born April 9, 1878. Clarence was a foreman in a fish line factory in South Otselic, NY. Clarence and Carrie (Upham) Higgins had the following children:

1) Estella May Higgins.

2) Sylva Ette Higgins.

DeEtte Blanche Upham, the sixth child of Scovel J. Upham and Amy Ann (Price) Upham, was born on February 20, 1882. On January 5, 1910 she married Wilbur George Cramphin, who was born in Eaton, NY, on July 19, 1887, the son of  Joshua and Florence Cramphin. Wilbur and DeEtte Upham had at least one child:

1) Ballard Jackson Cramphin, born November 25, 1914.

DeEtte (Upham) Cramphin died on June 24, 1938 in Oneida, NY. Her husband Wilbur died in 1947 in Eaton, NY.

Marion Grace Upham, the seventh child of Scovel J. Upham and Amy Ann (Price) Upham, was born on May 7, 1883. On November 19, 1908 she married Robert E. Swinney, who was born in Lost Creek, West Virginia, on August 24, 1882. Robert E. Swinney was a civil engineer. Robert and Marion had the following children:

1) Alice Janet Swinney.

2) Leonard Robert Swinney.

Mabel Luella Upham, the ninth child of Scovel J. Upham and Amy Ann (Price) Upham, was born on January 28, 1889. On May 14, 1913 she married Freeman H. Wissick, who was born on July 19, 1892. Freeman Wissick died in 1964, and Mabel (Upham) Wissick died in 1979.

Donald Price Maxwell, the first child of Frank Adams Maxwell and Deborah J. (Price) Maxwell, was born on September 6, 1884, in Georgetown, Clear county, Colorado. Donald Maxwell graduated from Cornell University in 1904 or 1905 and became an engineer for the Aluminum Co. of America, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  Donald Price Maxwell married Annabell Osborne McIlroy on November 11, 1908. Annabell was born in McKeesport, PA, in about 1888. Donald and Annabell had three children, one of whom was:

1) Janet Maxwell, born 1909.

Laura Maxwell, the second child of Frank Adams Maxwell and Deborah J. (Price) Maxwell, was born on August 15, 1887, in Georgetown, Clear county, Colorado. In about 1907 she married William Dwight Israel who was born about 1885. Laura died in Cleveland, Ohio.

Robert Seymour Maxwell, the third child of Frank Adams Maxwell and Deborah J. (Price) Maxwell, was born on May 9. 1890, in Georgetown, Clear county, Colorado. Robert Maxwell married Kathryn Wilcox. Robert Maxwell graduated as a doctor of dental surgery from the University of Denver on June 3, 1915 and worked as a dentist in the city of Denver, Colorado. Robert Seymour also served in the U.S. Navy in China.

Frank J. Maxwell, the fourth child of Frank Adams Maxwell and Deborah J. (Price) Maxwell, was born in 1892 in Georgetown, Clear county, Colorado. He married Hazelle Richards who was born in 1898 to Ernest E. and Lizzie M. Richards. Frank J. Maxwell lived in Franklin, Nebraska, and died there in 1976. His wife Hazelle died in Franklin in 1979.

Florence Mary Russell, the first child of Charles F. Russell and Hannah M. (Price) Russell, was born in June 1879. On August 12, 1903, she married Lynn Henry "Hank" LeBaron in Vestal Center, Broome county, New York. Lynn Henry LeBaron was born in Union Center, Broome county, NY, on December 30, 1876, the son of George LeBaron and Mary Celestia (Andrews) LeBaron. "Hank" LeBaron and Florence had one child, who died within a year of her birth:

1) Hannah Mary LeBaron, born 1914.

Information from indicates that Florence (Price) Russell was so disturbed by the death of her child that she was eventually institutionalized. "Hank" LeBaron later remarried. Florence died in 1942 in Binghamton, NY, and "Hank" LeBaron died on May 29, 1963 in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Leah L. Russell, the second child of Charles F. Russell and Hannah M. (Price) Russell, was born on January 4, 1889. She married Ray Woughter in about 1914. Ray was born on November 23, 1883. Ray and Leah Woughter had the following children:

1) Helen Woughter.

2) Jeanette Woughter.

3) Ruth Woughter.

Leah (Russell) Woughter died on February 13, 1938 in Union, Broome county, New York. Her husband Ray also passed away in Union.

Frank A. Price, the first child of James M. Price and Eugenie V. (Finch) Price, was born in February 1887. He married Fanny, last name unknown.

Ella Price, the second child of James M. Price and Eugenie V. (Finch) Price, was born in January 1889. She married Lee Cline. Lee and Ella (Price) Cline had the following children:

1) Mabel Cline.

2) Nellie Cline.

George O. Price, the third child of James M. Price and Eugenie V. (Finch) Price, was born in October 1891. He married Kittle Judd.

Lena M. Price, the first child of Jerome E. Price and Dulcie A. (Kipp) Price, was born on September 7, 1875. She married Art Judd. Art and Lena (Price) Judd had the following children:

1) Lloyd W. Judd, born February 15, 1896.

2) Lawrence D. Judd, born December 23, 1898.

3) Beatrice H. Judd, born March 10, 1905.

4) Helen V. Judd, born August 23, 1907.

5) Donald Judd, born January 26, 1916.

6) Laura E. Judd.

7) Raymond H. Judd.

8) Mildred L. Judd.

Lena (Price) Judd died in 1918.

John Price, the second child of Jerome E. Price and Dulcie A. (Kipp) Price, was born on August 9, 1877. He married Mae Simson.

Clarence K. Price, the third child Jerome E. Price and Dulcie A. (Kipp) Price, was born on October 11, 1879 and died in 1944. Another source identifies this individual as Clare Price, a daughter.

Velora M. Price, the fourth child of Jerome E. and Dulcie A. (Kipp) Price, was born on June 26, 1884. In 1900 she was living with her parents at their home on 16 Moeller street in Binghamton. By 1920 she was married, living with her husband Fletcher McLennan, a cabinet maker, and a 2-year-old daughter, Phyllis J. McLennan, at 194 Robinson street in Binghamton. Her parents Jerome E. and Dulcie A. Price were living with her at the same address.

1) Phyllis J. McLennan, born 1917/1918.

Charles E. Price, the fifth child of Jerome E. Price and Dulcie A. (Kipp) Price, was born on May 13, 1891. He married Mabel Shutt.


James Price and his Descendants

James Price married twice, first to Lucy Giffin of New Hampshire, and then to Helena of New Jersey after Lucy died in 1833. By his first marriage he had two sons and two daughters, and by his second marriage he had another son and two more daughters. James died on April 23, 1845, at the age of 50.

James Price and Lucy Giffin were probably married in Vestal Center around 1823. The children of James and Lucy Price were as follows:

1) William Price, born 1824/25.

2) Lydia Price, born about 1826.

3) Esther Price, born March 1829.

4) Daniel Price, born May 17, 1832.

The names William, Lydia, and Daniel had already appeared in the family. William was probably the name of one of James' older brothers; Lydia was the name of Lucy's twin sister; and Daniel was the name of James' father. James' son William later moved to Binghamton, where he raised a family and lived until his death in 1891. Lydia married Christopher C. Hamlin from Loderville, Pennsylvania. Daniel went to live with his uncle Robert Giffin, probably around 1845 when his father died. In the spring of 1855, Robert Giffin moved to Winneshiek county, Iowa, with his three unmarried sisters and nephew Daniel Price.

After the death of his first wife Lucy, James married again around 1835, and had three children:

1) Lucy Ann Price, born August 1838.

2) David A. Price, born 1839.

3) Hannah E. Price, born April 10, 1842.

There is no record of marriage for either Lucy or David Price. They lived with their mother Helena on the James Price farm until 1861, when the farm was sold and the family moved to Winneshiek county, Iowa, where Daniel Price was living. Helena sold her Winneshiek county property one year later, apparently moving back to New York, where she appears in Binghamton census reports late in the 1800's. Lucy followed her mother, but there is no more record of David Price.

Second Generation - James Price's Children

William Price, the oldest son of James Price and Lucy Giffin, was born around 1824 or 1825. On April 17, 1850, in the city of Binghamton, he married Martha Louisa Wright, daughter of William Wright of Binghamton. Martha was born in October, 1826.

The children of William and Martha Price are as follows:

1) Artelia Price, daughter, born 1851/2.

2) Garphelia (or Garfelia) Price, daughter, born May 1851.

3) Francis A. Price, daughter, born about 1854.

4) Frank E. Price, born 1861/2.

5) Mary Elizabeth Price, born February(?), 1865.

6) Charles W. Price, born 1866/7.

Artelia and Garphelia appear to be twins. Francis probably died very young, since her name appears only in the 1860 census. In the 1900 New York census, Martha Price stated that she had mothered seven children; hence there was one other of which we have no record.

William Price was by trade a carpenter, and in the 1880 census he describes himself as a "home builder." Apparently he built houses in Binghamton, and it is possible that some of them are still standing today.

William Price and his family are first mentioned in the 1860 census, living in the 5th ward of Binghamton. They also appear in the 1870 and 1880 census. In March and April of 1867, William and Martha sold property in Binghamton, and purchased a lot on the south side of Pine Street, Binghamton, from a certain Clarissa H. Augell. The deed describes this lot as "fifty feet in width, fronts on Pine Street". This appears to have been their home for the next thirty years or longer. In 1880 the census shows them living at 42 Pine Street, and in 1900, after William had passed away, Martha was living at 48 Pine Street.

On February 23, 1887, William Price wrote a will in which he names his wife Martha and his "four children, Frank, Charles, Artelia, and Garfelia" as heirs; Martha L. Price and Frank Price are designated as executrix and executor.

William Price passed away on March 9, 1891. Martha continued living at the property on Pine Street, and is last mentioned in the 1900 census. Here she is listed as a seamstress, 73 years old, owning her home free of mortgage, and renting to a middle-aged couple Jacob and Mary Michaelbeck.

Lydia Price, daughter of James and Lucy, was born around 1826. She married Christopher C. Hamlin of Loderville, Pennsylvania, on May 11, 1853, in the city of Binghamton. Christopher C. Hamlin was born in February 1823 in Connecticut, the son of blacksmith John B. Hamlin and wife Rachel (Hill) Hamlin. This was Christopher Hamlin's second marriage, his first wife Salina Hewin having passed away in 1852. Christopher and Salina had one child born in 1848 or 1849, Mary Hamlin, who later married a Mr. Wentworth of New Jersey. After Christopher Hamlin and Lydia Price were married in 1853, they appear to have made their home at Great Bend, Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania. The 1860 census shows them living in Great Bend, with an 11-year-old Mary Hamlin, born in Pennsylvania. Christopher Hamlin states his occupation as "saloon keeper." In the 1870 census Mary Hamlin does not appear, and Christopher has apparently given up the saloon business, now stating his occupation as "carpenter." The Hamlins are not in the 1880 census for Great Bend, apparently having moved out of the county or out of state.

"The Descendants of William Hill, of Fairfield, Conn." states that Lydia Price died shortly after her marriage to Christopher Hamlin. This source also states that Christopher Hamlin worked for the government on a construction train during the Civil War. He was in the trade of wagon making and remained in this trade in Great Bend until his death in December, 1894.

Esther Price, second daughter of James and Lucy Price, was born in Vestal Center in March 1829. She died in infancy on April 7, 1829.

Daniel Price, second son of James and Lucy Price, was born in Vestal Center on May 17, 1832. His mother Lucy died about six weeks later. By the age of twelve Daniel was an orphan, and went to live with his uncle Robert Giffin. In May, 1855, Robert Giffin arrived in Winneshiek county, Iowa, with his three unmarried sisters and nephew Daniel Price, where they made a permanent home. Daniel Price died in Burr Oak, Winneshiek county, Iowa, on November 29, 1907.

Daniel Price is the progenitor of the Price family of Winneshiek county, Iowa. He and his descendants will be treated later in a separate section.

Lucy Ann Price, oldest child of James Price and his second wife Helena, was born in August, 1838. She is first mentioned by name in the 1850 census, living with her mother Helena and brother David on the farm of James Price, now deceased. On April 13, 1861, the family farm was sold, and Helena and David Price moved to Winneshiek county, Iowa. 22-year-old Lucy Price presumably went along with her family, although there is no definite proof of this.

Lucy apparently never married. In the 1880 New York census, she is shown living with her mother Helena at 10 Court Street in Binghamton, and working in a hairdressing shop. An unidentified "niece" of Helena, named Jennie D., a servant, and two boarders were also in the household. In the 1892 Binghamton census, hairdresser Lucy A. Price is listed in the city's 9th Ward. By 1900 she was renting a house at 17-19 Main Street in Binghamton; her occupation was described as "hair and fancy goods." She was living with two female boarders. Her mother Helena is not mentioned after 1880, and is presumably deceased.

Broome county records show that Lucy A. Price died on March 26, 1916. A will, if any, is not available for examination. Lucy A. Price is buried in the Vestal Center cemetery.

David A. Price, son of James and Helena, and younger brother of Lucy A. Price, was born in 1839. He is mentioned along with his mother and sister in the 1850 census, and in the 1861 land transaction in which the James Price farm was sold. He also appears by name in Winneshiek county land transactions in 1861 and 1862. After 1862 he disappears from all records. He is not found either in Winneshiek county, Iowa, or Broome county, New York.

Hannah E. Price, daughter of James and Helena, was born On April 10, 1842. She died in infancy on December 1, 1842.


Third Generation and Beyond

James Price's Grandchildren and Descendants

(Other than by Daniel Price)

Artelia Price, daughter of William and Martha L. Price, was born in 1851/52. Presuming that her sister Garphelia was a twin, she was born in May, 1851.

Artelia is mentioned in the February 1887 will of her father William, and probate records show that upon the death of her father in 1891, her name was Artelia Johnson. No place of residence is given.

Artelia was a housekeeper in the 1870 William Price home at Binghamton. She probably married between 1870 and 1880, since the 1880 census shows that both she and her sister Garphelia had moved out of the parents' home.

Despite the unusual first name, the Artelia Johnson family has not yet been located in available census reports.

Garphelia (or Garfelia) Price, daughter of William and Martha L. Price, was born in May, 1851. Her sister Artelia seems to have been a twin.

On September 15, 1873 Garphelia married Henry J. Van Tuyl, born September 1850. They made their home in Jamestown, Chautauqua county, New York, and had three children.

An 1895 directory for the First Congregational Church in Jamestown shows Henry J. and Garfelia Van Tuyl listed as members, living at 811 Pendergast Avenue, along with Lena M. and Fred H. Van Tuyl.

The 1900 New York census shows Henry J. and Garphelia Van Tuyl living in a mortgaged home at 417 Ashville Avenue in Jamestown, next door to 23-year-old son Fred H. Van Tuyl and wife Edith I. Henry J. Van Tuyl was a hardware dealer, and his son Fred was apparently working in the store.

Henry and Garphelia had two other children, one of whom was deceased by 1900. Descendants of the Van Tuyl family recall that Henry and Garphelia had a daughter named Lena, born in 1875. Lena was reported to have "lived in Elmira, New York, with a married couple, who were cousins or an aunt and uncle."

Henry and Garphelia Van Tuyl family, January 1, 1918

Henry and Garphelia appear in the 1910 Jamestown census living at 251 Fairmount Avenue in Jamestown, together with son Fred H. Van Tuyl, his wife Edith I. (Boomer) Van Tuyl, and two grandchildren Harold D. and Thelma A. Van Tuyl. They were still in the hardware business.

In 1920 43-year-old Fred H. Van Tuyl and wife Edith were living at 5 Cook Street in Jamestown. He was a clerk at a telephone office. His 16-year-old son Harold Van Tuyl was a stock clerk in a metal factory. 12-year-old daughter Thelma and 7-year-old son Donald were attending school.

Gravestones of the Van Tuyl plot in Jamestown, New York give the following information:

Henry J. Van Tuyl, 1851-1919 and his wife,
Garphelia Van Tuyl, 1852-1918 and their son,
Fred H. Van Tuyl, 1876-1947 and his wife,
Edith I. (Boomer) Van Tuyl, 1876-1945

Francis A. Price, third daughter of William and Martha L. Price, is mentioned as a 5-year-old girl in the 1860 census, and thereafter disappears. She apparently died before her 15th birthday.

Frank E. Price, oldest son of William and Martha Price, was born in 1861 or 1862. According to census reports he was a photographer in 1880. In 1891 his name appears in probate records when his father passed away. Other than that, there is no more available information on Frank E. Price; he is not in the federal census for Broome county in 1900 or thereafter.

Mary Elizabeth Price, fourth daughter of William and Martha Price, died in Binghamton on Oct. 7, 1865 at the age of 8 months.

Charles W. Price, youngest son of William and Martha Price, was born in 1866 or 1867. Like his brother Frank, he appears in the 1870 and 1880 Broome county census, and in probate records of his father, but then disappears from Broome county.


Daniel Price and his Descendants

Daniel Price, the second son and last child of James Price and Lucy Giffin, was born in Vestal Center, Broome county, New York, on May 17, 1832. His mother died about a year later on July 8, 1833, and his father died on April 23, 1845, when Daniel was a 12-year-old boy. Lucy's brother Robert Giffin was living in neighboring Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania, and it was probably in 1845 that Daniel went to live with him. The 1850 Pennsylvania census shows Daniel living with his bachelor uncle Robert Giffin, and three unmarried aunts Lydia, Susan, and Jane Giffin.

In 1855 Robert Giffin left Pennsylvania and moved to Iowa with his nephew and three sisters, buying some land near Locust Lane, Pleasant township, Winneshiek county, Iowa, in May, 1855. Here young Daniel Price farmed with his uncle. Four years later Daniel married a neighbor girl Nancy Wise, the marriage taking place in Elliota, Minnesota, on February 24, 1859.

Nancy Wise was born in Pine Grove township, Venango county, Pennsylvania, on November 26, 1835, the fourth child of Samuel Wise Sr. and Phoebe (Merryman) Wise. Samuel and Phoebe Wise were also early pioneers in Winneshiek county, arriving in 1857 and settling in Pleasant township, as did the Giffins.

Daniel and Nancy Price raised a family of eight children, most of whom were born in Pleasant township of Winneshiek county:

Children of Dan and Nancy Price

1) James Sidney Price, born April 16, 1860.

2) Lucy Amelia Price, born April 16, 1860.

3) Robert Giffin Price, born January 12, 1862.

4) Marion Francis Price, born November 19, 1869.

5) Jane Price, born June 22, 1872.

6) Edward Daniel Price, born June 15, 1875.

7) George M. Price, born December 1878.

8) David A. Price, born August 15, 1879.

Daniel Price and family moved from Pleasant township to Burr Oak township around 1875. Both Daniel and Nancy remained in the Burr Oak area for the rest of their lives, farming in sections 26 and 27 of Burr Oak township. An 1886 plat book of Winneshiek county shows the Daniel Price farm located on 160 acres, being the southeast quarter of section 27 of Burr Oak township. A 1905 plat book of Winneshiek county shows an additional adjoining plot of 79 acres, being the northern half of section 26. Thus the total acreage by 1905 was 239.

Daniel passed away on the home farm on Friday, November 29, 1907, at 5:30 PM. His obituary states that he had been suffering from heart problems since June of the same year. He was buried in the Burr Oak cemetery.

Nancy Wise passed away on February 19, 1923, at 9 AM. She was living on the home farm near Burr Oak. Her obituary states that the "immediate cause of her death was inflammatory rheumatism," having been confined to her bed since her 87th birthday on November 26th of the previous year. She was buried in the Burr Oak cemetery next to her husband and son Edward.



Second Generation - Daniel Price's Children


James Sidney Price

James and Mina Price familyJames Sidney Price, oldest son of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born on April 16, 1860, as was his twin sister Lucy, in Pleasant township, Winneshiek county, Iowa. He and his sister Lucy were apparently named in memory of Daniel's parents, James and Lucy Price of Vestal Center, New York. James was 15 years old when his family moved from the farm in Pleasant township to the new homestead near Burr Oak. He lived there on the Burr Oak farm until he married Mina J. Knowlton of Prosper, Fillmore county, Minnesota, on October 31, 1888.

James and Mina farmed in Burr Oak township. The 1886 plat book of Winneshiek county shows James Price owning the northeast quarter of section 34 of Burr Oak township, and the 1915 plat book shows an additional 60 acres on the west. In 1910 they apparently gave up farming and moved to nearby Decorah, the county seat of Winneshiek county. There James owned and operated a monument business, which he sold in 1924.

James and Mina Price had four children:

1) Charity ("Chattie") Price, born May 21, 1891.

2) Florence ("Flossie") Price, born September 25, 1895.

3) Allan Linden Price, born December 6, 1898.

4) Gordon ("Red") Price, born September 10, 1902.

James Sidney Price died on Saturday, January 9, 1943, at 5:37 AM at his home on 701 Maple Avenue in Decorah. His obituary stated that his health had been failing for the previous three years. He was buried at Phelps cemetery in Decorah, next to his son Allan.


Lucy Amelia Price

Lucy Amelia Price, twin sister of James Sidney Price, and oldest daughter of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born on April 16, 1860. She was named after her grandmother Lucy Giffin Price. On March 16, 1887, she married Edward Henry Van Vliet, born at Lake Champlain, Canada, on July 16, 1861. The marriage took place in Burr Oak, Iowa.

The 1905 Winneshiek county plat book shows E. H. Van Vliet and his wife Lucy owning 80 acres in Burr Oak township, adjacent to the Daniel Price farm.

Ed and Lucy moved to Montana, where they lived for the remainder of their lives. Lucy died in Montana on April 11, 1937, and Edward died in Stevensville, Ravalli county, Montana, on November 10, 1939.

Edward and Lucy Van Vliet were the parents of six children:

1) Herbert James Van Vliet, born December 17, 1887.

2) Florence Amy Van Vliet, born October 14, 1890.

3) Charles Roy Van Vliet, born September 26, 1895.

4) Georgia Van Vliet, born March 1899.

5) Phillip A. Van Vliet, born 1902.

6) Howard Wayne Van Vliet, born April 9, 1904.


Robert Giffin Price

Robert Giffin Price

Robert Giffin Price, third child and second son of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born on the Pleasant township farm on January 12, 1862. He was named after Daniel's uncle Robert Giffin. As a young man he attended the Breckinridge Institute of Decorah, and later the Valders Business College. He and his older brother James took care of their aging great-uncle Robert Giffin, and as a reward inherited land near Burr Oak, Winneshiek county, Iowa, which Robert Giffin had owned. Robert Giffin died in September, 1886, and the Winneshiek county plat book of the same year shows Robert and James Price owning land in sections 34 and 35 of Burr Oak township. The Robert G. Price farm was located in a square body of 160 acres, namely, the eastern half of the southeastern quarter of section 34, and the western half of the southwestern quarter of section 35. He owned this same acreage for many years.

Robert Price taught school in Burr Oak and Spillville; later he operated an ice cream store and had an ice business. On October 3, 1898, he entered the postal service of Decorah, Iowa, serving as a substitute letter carrier until November 1899, when he became a regular carrier. He worked as a letter carrier for over thirty years in the Decorah area, until his retirement on November 30, 1931.

The 1900 census shows Robert Price's occupation as "dealer, groceries"; in 1910 he is "city mail carrier."

In addition to his career in the postal service, Robert Price also served as a volunteer fireman in the Decorah Fire Department.

On September 6, 1893, Robert Price married Sophia Lillian Yager, the sixth child and only (surviving) daughter of Henry and Mary (Musser) Yager of Decorah. S. Lillian Yager was born on February 23, 1864, on a farm in Pleasant township, where she, her parents, and six brothers lived until 1892. Her parents Henry and Mary Yager were early pioneers in Pleasant township, having come from Ohio in 1857. The Yager family moved to Decorah in the fall of 1892 when Henry Yager was elected treasurer of Winneshiek county.

The children of Robert G. Price and S. Lillian Price, all born in Decorah, are as follows:

1) Henry Arthur Price, born January 24, 1895.

Henry and Lottie Price

2) Stanley Albert Price, born December 17, 1896.

3) Irene Lillian Price, born May 20, 1899.

4) Charles Edward Price, born October 12, 1901.

5) Warren Robert Price, born April 6, 1904.

6) Sidney Lester Price, born June 14, 1906.

In the 1890's Robert moved into a house on Center Street in Decorah, where he and his wife raised their family and lived the rest of their lives. They owned a sizeable piece of land around their home, some of which today is owned by nearby Luther College. The house still stands at 606 Center Street.

On October 1, 1932, Lillian Price suffered a stroke, and died soon thereafter on October 6, 1932 at 6:45 AM. Robert passed away three years later on November 13, 1935. Both Robert and Lillian are buried in Phelps cemetery in Decorah.


Marion Francis Price

Marion Francis Price, fourth child of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born on November 19, 1869. On March 12, 1895, he married Alice A. Landon, born February 25, 1870 in Burr Oak township, the daughter of Zophar B. Landon and Imogene (Slayton) Landon. They had two daughters, one who died in infancy:

1) Florence Price, born December 23, 1896.

2) Frances Marjorie Price, born February 17, 1901; died March 30, 1901.

Marion lived and worked on the home farm with his mother in sections 26 and 27 of Burr Oak township. A 1913 Winneshiek county biography states that he was at the time serving as township assessor, and had previously held positions of clerk and trustee of the township.

Marion F. Price died in Winneshiek county on September 16, 1948, at the age of 78. His wife Alice passed away on January 22, 1956. They are buried in the Burr Oak cemetery, next to brother and sister Edward Price and Janie Price Ellingson, and parents Dan and Nancy Price.


Jane Price

Janie PriceJane (or "Janie") Price, fifth child of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born on June 22, 1872. She married Emil E. Ellingson, born 1872/3, son of Ole Ellingson and Elisa (Boe) Ellingson, in a double wedding with her younger brother David at the Bud Bucknell residence in Decorah, Iowa, on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1901. Bud Bucknell was the husband of Janie's cousin Flora (Wise) Bucknell.

An obituary states that Emil and Janie lived at Chester, Iowa, for a short time after their marriage. Later they moved to Decorah, and then in about 1908 moved to a farm in River View township, McKenzie county, North Dakota, near the village of Sanish, where Emil worked as a blacksmith and rancher. Another obituary says that in 1906 they moved to White Earth, Minnesota, and from there moved to the Dakotas.

Janie's mother Nancy died on February 19, 1923, and Janie herself died days later on the farm near Sanish, North Dakota, on March 25, 1923, after a brief and mysterious illness. In a letter written by Janie Price to her brother Robert, dated March 11, 1923, she seems quite despondent about her mother's death, and explains why she was not able to attend the funeral. "It seems as tho' my heart aches", she writes, "and sorrow is more than I can stand." The telegram with the news of Nancy Price's death had arrived in Sanish on the 19th, but she did not receive it until the evening of the 23rd "on account of the snow blockade." She explains that she had not heard from her brother Marion recently regarding her mother's illness, and assumed that she was recovering; "but I mustn't talk of those things now," she concludes, "and I can't write any more either." Twelve days later she herself died, after "only a few hours' illness", according to her obituary.

Janie Price Ellingson was buried in the Burr Oak cemetery, next to her brother Edward and her parents Dan and Nancy.

Janie and Emil Ellingson had no children.


Edward Daniel Price

Edward Daniel Price, sixth child of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born on January 15, 1875. He died suddenly of pneumonia on February 28, 1898, at the age of 23, at the home farm near Burr Oak. His obituaries state that he was a very likeable young man, quite popular among his acquaintances, "so much so that a large party which was to have been given at Burr Oak this week has been indefinitely postponed on account of his death."

Edward Daniel Price was buried in the Burr Oak cemetery on March 2, 1898.


George M. Price

George and Georgia PriceGeorge M. Price, seventh child of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born in December, 1878. On April 12, 1904 he married Georgia L. Bovee, born September 20, 1885, daughter of E. M. Bovee and Elisabeth (Osbourne) Bovee. They lived near Burr Oak, Iowa, until February, 1908, when they moved to Bozeman, Gallatin county, Montana. They farmed at Bozeman for four years, and then moved to a farm near Reed Point, Stillwater county, Montana, where George lived and farmed for the rest of his life.

The 1920 Montana census shows George M. Price, 42, and Georgie Price, 34, farming in Stillwater county, near brother-in-law Claud A. Bovee, 22, and father-in-law E. M. Bovee, 65.

Georgia Bovee Price died on November 24, 1920 at Reed Point. George later married Cecilia, last name unknown.

George M. Price died at Reed Point, Montana, on February 7, 1944.

George had no children, either by his first wife Georgia, or by his second wife Cecilia.


David A. Price

David A. Price, eighth and last child of Daniel and Nancy Price, was born on August 15, 1879. On December 24, 1901, he married Alice Pollitt, born September 1882, daughter of James and Martha Pollitt of Bluffton, Winneshiek county, Iowa. The wedding took place concurrently with the wedding of his older sister Janie, at the home of Bud Bucknell in Decorah.

David and Alice Price had one child, a son Dana Edward Price, born on September 9, 1903.

From a letter, dated January 21, 1909, written by David Price to his sister Janie, we see that David A. Price was living at 1641 Adams Street in Chicago, Illinois. The letterhead shows an ornate company logo for the "Reyburn, Hunter, & Co., Manufacturers of and Wholesale Dealers in Lightning Rods, Ornaments, and Fixtures, of Philadelphia & Chicago," below which is printed the names of Frank I. Wilson and David A. Price; address, 99 W. Adams St.

In later years David was separated from his wife Alice, who married Ben M. Wicks of Burr Oak. The 1920 census for Burr Oak, Winneshiek county, Iowa, shows Ben M. Wicks and Alice Wicks living in Burr Oak with 16-year-old stepson Dana Price. David's obituary states that during his last years he was employed in Kansas City, Missouri.

David A. Price passed away on June 1, 1923. He was buried in the Burr Oak cemetery next to his parents, brother Edward, and sister Janie Ellingson.


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