Berlin / Tempelhof Central Airport , 1973 - 1976

6912th Security Squadron, USAFSS

An Ex-Airman Remembers


Hello. My name is Bill Price. I joined the Air Force in 1972 and lived in West Berlin, Germany from 1973 to 1978. The first three of those years were spent with the USAFSS stationed at Tempelhof Central Airport (TCA) and working at the site in Marienfelde, a southern district of West Berlin.

The five and a half years I spent in Berlin were among the most memorable of my life. Unlike the vast majority of airmen stationed in Germany, I was fluent in German before I arrived, and had the remarkably good fortune of making many friendships off base with locals. My Berlin experience from 1973 to 1976 was in a sense a double life - one as an airman stationed at TCA working at Marienfelde, and the other as an off-duty "Ami" who attended the famous "Jesus-People" church at Nollendorfplatz. For those of you interested in the latter, I already have a nostalgic website (along with the original German version). This present webpage, however, is devoted to the other half, those unforgettable days living in the third longest building in the world, and working countless swings, mids and days atop a hill of rubble and garbage in the southern Berlin district of Marienfelde, overlooking a long stretch of the infamous Berlin Wall.

Berlin Island Association Part 1 - 1973 Divided Berlin
Part 2 - 1974 (Jan-Oct)
Part 3 - 1974 (Nov-Dec)
Part 4 - 1975 (Jan)
Part 5 - 1975 (Feb-Dec)

Part 6 - 1976

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