The Diaries of Lottie Price, 1914-1986.


Tues. Jan. 1
Not very nice day. Snowed & blowed. Papa, Mama, Isa & Lester were here & spent the day.

Wed. Jan. 2
Lovely day. I washed. Went to B. O. to Lodge in eve. Installation tonight. Decorah ladies were up. We had a nice time & a nice supper. Got home about 12.

Thurs. Jan. 3
Not very nice day. Nothing doing.

Fri. Jan. 4
Nice day. "Mon" went after a load of wood & I went down to mama's. He broke down & couldn't bring his load home.

Sat. Jan. 5
Snowed almost all day. "Mon" went back after his load of wood & I went to Mama's. I stayed all night. Went down town awhile in eve. Isa was there all day too. Byron was up in eve. Olive was there in P.M.

Sun. Jan. 6
Regular blizzard only it was warm. Isa, Lester, Olive & Claude were home & spent the day. "Mon" came down after me. John & Ole were here for supper & spent the eve. Beulah is up to her mothers. Little son born to Geo. & Hattie Reid.

Mon. Jan. 7
Lovely day. John was here for dinner & supper & spent the eve.

Tues. Jan. 8
Lovely day. I washed. John went to Decorah so wasn't here to eat today. We went to B. O. in P.M. a little while. Took our pig down to have it butchered.

Wed. Jan. 9
Nice day. John went to Decorah again today. We went to B.O. in eve after our pig. Fern, Howard & Edna went with us. They bought half of our pig.

Thurs. Jan. 10
Windy, cold day. Commenced to snow late in P.M. blowed pretty hard all night. "Mon" went to Prosper in P.M. with barley.

Fri. Jan. 11
Regular old blizzard. John was here for dinner. Beulah came home this P.M.

Sat. Jan. 12
Another blizzard. Worse than yesterday. We didn't get to B. O. tonight.

Sun. Jan. 13
Nice day only cold. "Mon" had to haul corn from Prosper so I went over to Fern's with him, then he got his load, came over here & unloaded & then came back over there. We got home a little after nine. Merle, Elsie, Elmer & Mrs. Butler were there also. Had a good time.

Mon. Jan. 14
Nice day. Quite warm. I washed in A.M. Nellie & Forrest & Mary Stead & the twins were up here in P.M. I went up to Beulah's in eve & stayed while "Mon" went to Canton. We got home about 12.

Tues. Jan. 15
Nice day. Nothing doing. I ironed in P.M.

Wed. Jan. 16
Snowed & blowed off & on all day. Not so very cold though. We went to town in eve. Fern, Howard & Edna went with us. Mama has been quite poorly but is feeling better now. Fern & I stayed there all eve. We were only down town a few minutes. We got home about 11.

Thurs. Jan. 17
Nice day but cold. Nothing doing.

Fri. Jan. 18
Nice day. Nothing doing.

Sat. Jan. 19
Nice day. We went down town in eve. Fern & Howard went with us. Howard started into the Lodge tonight so we didn't get home very early. Got to bed about 3. "Mon" is not very well.

Sun. Jan. 20
Lovely day. Lester, Nellie, Forrest & Mable were here for dinner. Mable went home about 4 but the kids stayed for supper & spent the eve. "Mon" does not feel so well today. He has the La Grippe I guess. He didn't eat any supper. Mrs. Geo. Snell died this A.M. between 6 & 7 o'clock.

Mon. Jan. 21
Lovely day. "Mon" didn't feel able to go to work today. Nell & Lester were up in eve.

Tues. Jan. 22
Nice day. I washed a few things today. "Mon" felt some better today so he went back to work. Mrs. Snell was buried today.

Wed. Jan. 23
Snowed & blowed almost all day. "Mon" sawed wood at Harry S's. today. I washed again today.

Thurs. Jan. 24
Snowed off & on all day today. Baby has a pretty hard cold. Scared me. "Mon" is 23 years old today.

Fri. Jan. 25
Nice day. Baby is about the same or a little better. Little son born to Oscar & Agnes J.

Sat. Jan. 26
Snowed most of A.M. but cleared off in P.M. Quite cold. "Mon" hauled corn all day. We went to B.O. in eve. Baby is better. Got home about 11:30. "Ole" S. was here for supper & went to town with us.

Sun. Jan. 27
Nice day. Nothing doing. We were alone all day & eve. Baby is much better today.

Mon. Jan. 28
Nice day. Quite warm. "Mon" helped saw wood at Howard's so I was alone all day. Baby is getting along fine now. He tipped his high chair over this A.M. & got quite a bump on his nose.

Tues. Jan. 29
Colder day. I washed in A.M. Nellie & Fern were here all P.M.

Wed. Jan. 30
Cold day. Snow blowed quite a little. Went down to Nellie's in P.M. Forrest is sick today. He has a cold like Baby had. John & Henry drove cattle to Prosper in P.M. John in going to Chicago with a car load. I rode up from Nellie's with then when they came back. Went right on up to John's. Anna & Frank Snell were there for supper too. Frank helped drive cattle. Ida Olson is there to stay with Beulah while John is gone. J. & H. went to Prosper about 12 P.M. to load the cattle & didn't get back until about 7 A.M. We girls set up all night waiting for them to come back. Baby is 10 months old today and weighs about 18 lbs. His cold took quite a lot of weight off of him.

Thurs. Jan. 31
Nice day but very cold. We stayed up to Beulahs until about 5 P.M. John went to Chicago this P.M. When we got home everything in the house was froze up & we had a fire all the time too. Little daughter born to Ben & Bertha Nolte.

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