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I am a great Laurel and Hardy fan.

Many years ago I used to think that Laurel and Hardy were just a boring version of the Three Stooges. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As any true Laurel and Hardy connoiseur will tell you, the appeal of Laurel and Hardy lies not in superficial slapstick, but in the magical quality of the relationship between Stan and Ollie (who were actually friends in real life) and the interaction of their personalities. This is a more subtle kind of humor than what one sees on TV and in movies today. For Stan and Ollie, a facial expression, a hand movement, or even a moment of silence can be absolutely hilarious.

Many comedians and entertainers have come and gone, but none have attained the greatness and immortality of these two loveable guys.

My Laurel and Hardy collection contains the following items:


Movies on VHS tape (in alphabetical order):

(FS = favorite scene; FL = favorite line).

Foreign-language Laurel and Hardy movies on VHS tape:

Special Laurel and Hardy features on VHS tape:


Living in the Los Angeles area sure has its advantages for Laurel and Hardy fans!

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My daughter and I in front of the house featured in "Big Business". No signs of the 1929 Laurel and Hardy mayhem have survived.

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My daughter and I on the stairs featured in "The Music Box" (and "Hats Off"), located near the corner of Vendome and El Monte. Note how the area has been built up since Laurel and Hardy's day.

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Stan Laurel's grave.

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"Stan" and "Ollie" (and "Charlie Chaplin") pose with me at Universal Studios.


Here are some scenes of Hadji Ali's performance in the movie Politiquerias, the Spanish-language version of Chickens Come Home.

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