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  My name is Bill Price.   

I'm a retired computer programmer, and my main interests are chess and foreign languages.  I grew up in Iowa, lived a few years in Germany, and then moved to Southern California, where I currently reside.  Below are some things that may be of interest to a few of you eclectic netsurfers...

Chess Stuff

Language Stuff

Previously unpublished Bobby Fischer game scores, my voluminous chess library, an encounter with David Bronstein, some scintillating chess problems, and more. Here you can see some of my personal impressions of world languages, as well as an overview of my own language, "Vabungula".

Math Stuff

Music Stuff

I'm no mathematician, but sometimes I like to pretend that I am. Here are some ideas that have occupied my mind from time to time. I have dabbled around in music throughout the years, composing little tunes on the piano. Here's a modest collection of some midi files to illustrate.

Art Gallery

Miscellaneous Writings

Take a look at some of my ornate doodles. Seeing one for the first time, most people ask me, "What is it?" I never know how to answer. So far, I have included my grandmother's memoirs, a tribute to Willie Speaks, my memories of Marienfelde, and some thoughts on turning 50.

Burr Oak, Iowa

Home on the Farm

Just north of the farm where I grew up is the small village of Burr Oak, Iowa, which was once the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I grew up on a farm in the northeast corner of Iowa, near the predominately Norwegian community of Decorah.  The area is noted for its idyllic scenery.
Genealogy Notes

For the few of you who may be interested, here is some of my genealogical research on the Price and Krumm families.

What's New, February 2019:
Lottie Price Diary 1959
What's New, November 2018:
Photos from the 2018 Sinquefield Cup Chess Tournament, 16-18 August 2018
What's New, December 2017:
Vabungula translation of the Book of Romans (chapters 1-8)
Lottie Price Diary 1958
New entries in Vabungula dictionary (now 7452 entries)
New entries in English-Vabungula index
What's New, February 2016:
Interesting addition to my chess library
What's New, January 2016:
Lottie Price Diary 1956
New entries in Vabungula dictionary (now 6975 entries)
New entries in English-Vabungula index
What's New, November 2015:
Vabungula translation of the Gospel of Luke
What's New, February 2015:
Lottie Price Diary 1955
What's New, January 2014:
Lottie Price Diary 1954
Lottie Price Diary 1953
New entries in Vabungula dictionary (now 6819 entries)
New entries in English-Vabungula index
What's New, October 2013:
Two new Dan Reynolds chess scores Iowa Chess in the 1960's
What's New, April 2012:
Lottie Price Diary 1952
What's New, March 2012:
Vabungula translation of the Gospel of Matthew
What's New, March 2011:
New in Bill's Original Midi Gallery: "Cinnamon Jump"
New music: "Weekend Drift "
What's New, February 2011:
New music: "Jello Circus"
Lottie Price Diary 1951
What's New, November 2010:
New chess game, November 27, 2010
New music: "The Winning Move"
New music: "Cheburek"
What's New, October 2010:
New chess game, October 24, 2010
New chess game, October 10, 2010
New chess game, October 3, 2010

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On the Web since 1998
Some thoughts on the evolution of my webpages.

When a friend at work first showed me the World Wide Web in 1996, I was transfixed. This was what I had been waiting for all my life! It was the perfect medium for publishing the scapbook I had been assembling for years, a disjointed collection of writings, artwork, music, memoirs, genealogical research, chess, and my personal language Vabungula.

In July 1998 I published my first website, the "Bill Price Home Page", back in the days when everyone and their grandmother were scrambling to put up personal homepages with such interesting topics as "Here's a picture of me and my cat."

I made my first web appearance with a free site under Earthlink, and then Geocities, and then with a short-lived outfit named MM2K, and then with Apple (a sad mistake which has since been flushed away and scoured clean). The Geocities version of the website remained out there for years, cluttered up and weighted down with ridiculously embarrassing pop-up ads, but winning the notice and recognition of Google, which listed me as the top-rated "Bill Price" in the universe, a coveted position towering high above all the other Bill Price's in the world, many of whom probably had more fame and worth to their name, and who probably sat, green with envy and gritting their teeth, wondering why this nobody Bill Price always popped up over them as the number one hit on Google:

I was Google's top-billed Bill Price for several years in a row, during most of the first decade of the 21st century, as a matter of fact. It was great. "Hey, Bill, what's your email address?" they would ask, and I could simply answer, "Oh, just go to Google and type in 'Bill Price.' My website is the first hit, and there you can find my email."

But, alas, with the demise of Geocities in the fall of 2009, my web presence vanished, and with it the coveted #1 spot on Google. This spot, rather than remaining a vacuum, was promptly snapped up by more worthy candidates of the Price family whose first name happened to be Bill.

A short while after Yahoo shut down Geocities, I purchased my own domain name (something that I should have done years ago), and put up a new version of my website, augmented with some extra material that I was unable to publish before due to space constraints. Within a short period of time, the Googlebots, like tireless little worker ants, never sleeping, always searching, began sniffing me out, and soon bits and pieces of the newly resurrected "Bill Price Home Page" began resurfacing on Google one by one. The "Bill Price Home Page" now (January 2014) appears far below on the search criteria "Bill Price", and it remains to be seen whether I will ever enjoy the same kind of web presence that I had back in the good old days.

When republishing my site, I removed the frames, a feature that was popular with earlier versions of HTML but that soon fell into disfavor among the gods of the cyberelite and was branded with the dreaded appelation "deprecated". My original intention was to completely refurbish all of my webpages, adding CSS and making them all XHTML compliant. I bought a book, boned up on how to do it, but ... ZZZZZZZ. My gosh, I was a programmer for over 30 years, designing, coding, testing, implementing, and supporting systems, sloshing through other people's code and fixing their bugs (and, admittedly, sometimes my own bugs), working weekends and holidays, carrying a pager, and taking phone calls at all hours of the night just to fix some careless programmer's mistakes for no extra pay ("Hey," I was told, "Do you get a salary?"), and generally being the unsung hero of the hour. And now that I'm retired, I need to become an XTML/CSS whiz?

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