Bill Price's Genealogy Notes

Price Family History, Part 1.  Daniel Price Sr. (1750?-1820?) of Vestal Center, New York, and his descendants.

Price Family History, Part 2.  The descendants of Daniel Price Sr.

Peter Olson Biography, by Bill Price.   Peter Olson was my great-grandfather.

Peter Olson Biography, by Marvin Wicks.

Henry Yager Biography, by Bill Price.  Henry and Mary Yager were my great-great-grandparents.

Price Family Photos

The Robert G. Price Family of Decorah, Iowa, excerpts from the Autobiography of Sidney Price.

The Diaries of Lottie Price of Burr Oak, Iowa, 1914-1986. My grandmother Lottie Price kept a diary for over seventy years.

Krumm Family History. Gottlob Krumm Sr. (1791-1864) of Nürtingen, Wurttemberg, Germany, and his descendants.

First Winneshiek Settlers Arrived 100 Years Ago, an article written for the Decorah newspaper by my grandfather Louis G. Krumm, on the occasion of Winneshiek County's centennial celebration in 1948. His grandfather Gottlob Krumm was the second settler in 1848.

Winneshiek County also celebrating 150th birthday.  An article I wrote for the Decorah newspaper in July, 1998, documenting the earliest settlements in Winneshiek County, Iowa.

Obituary of Gottlob Krumm, as published in the Decorah Republican on January 21, 1892.

Gottlob and Regina Krumm, from a Decorah newspaper article written around 1942.

Gottlob and Gottlieb Krumm, from a letter by Amanda Krumm Swailes published in the Decorah newspaper around 1960.

Krumm Family Photos

Gleanings of a Lifetime, Memoirs of Alice Krumm.

Alice Krumm Photo Gallery, photos of centenarian Alice Krumm and her family.


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