The Price Farm

Winneshiek County, Iowa
A view of the farm
The mailbox
The driveway
A view of the farm from a tree above the south pasture. Our mailbox at the end of the long driveway. The driveway is to the right, and the county road runs ahead on the left. Looking down the driveway toward the farm.
At the farm
The farmhouse
View from my window
At the farm, looking back toward the mailbox and county road. The farmhouse. My mother was born here in 1916. The "doghouse" has no door and was used to cover up a pump above the cistern. The farmhouse was torn down in 1980.
Here's the view outside the window of my upstairs room.
The Field Road

In the fields

Iowa corn
Out on the Field Road, looking north. Out in the fields.

Genuine Iowa corn.

Clover and alfalfa

North Pasture

North Pasture
Clover and alfalfa, looking out towards the south pasture. A view of Silver Creek meandering through the north pasture.

The north pasture.

In the woods

In the woods

In the woods
Out in the woods. Out in the woods.

Out in the woods.

In the woods

In the woods

Out in the woods. Out in the woods.



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