Alice Krumm Photo Gallery

Portrait of a Centenarian

1879 - 1987

Alice Slack as baby, taken from a tintype, about 1879 or 1880.
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Alice Slack, age 21.
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Louis Krumm and Alice Slack wedding photo. The wedding took place in Hesper, Iowa, on April 10, 1901.
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Alice Krumm with daughter Louise (1905-1942) and son Kenneth (1911-1993), taken around 1912.
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Alice Krumm on the farm.
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Louis and Alice Krumm in front of their home in Decorah, Iowa, 1951.
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Louis and Alice Krumm in front of their home, about 1954. Louis Krumm died on July 27, 1955.
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Alice Krumm, 1963, age 84.
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Alice Krumm, Chrismas 1967, age 88.
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Alice Krumm, 1971, age 92.
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Alice Krumm, portrait, 1974, age 95.
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Alice Krumm, 1977, age 98.
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Alice Krumm, age 100, at Green Lea Manor, Mabel, Minnesota, 1979.
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Centenarian Alice Krumm playing piano at Green Lea Manor, 1979, with son Roger watching.
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Alice Krumm's 103rd birthday at Green Lea Manor, 1982.
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Alice Krumm, age 105, at Green Lea Manor.
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Dr. Philip Slack (1851-1923) and Mary (Page) Slack (1853-1919), parents of Alice Krumm.
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Dr. Philip Slack. Dr. Slack was a medical doctor in Hubbard, Iowa, and later became a Quaker preacher in Valton, Wisconsin, and Hesper, Iowa.
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Dr. Philip Slack.
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The Slack children, minus oldest brother Philip Jr. In back row: Alice (1879-1987) and Annie (1877-1954); in front row Fred (1887-1962) and Mamie (1886-1978).
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Dr. Slack (front left) and Mary (front right) with four children Alice (back left), Mamie (back center), Annie (back right), and Fred (front center).
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The Slack sisters, Annie, Mamie, and Alice.
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Alice's father and two brothers: Phil Slack Jr. (1876-1956?), Dr. Philip Slack (1851-1923), Fred Slack (1887-1962).
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Alice's blind brother, Phil Slack Jr. Phil owned and operated a bookstore in Edmond, Oklahoma.
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Phil Slack Jr., with Alice's daughter Ruth and son Roger. Taken about 1923.
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Phil Slack Jr.
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