Alekhine Photos

Rare Photographs of Alexander Alekhine


Alekhine, 1920 Alekhine mansion, 1920 Alekhine in forced labor, 1920
In Mannheim, Germany, 1914 Alekhine (x) in a communist cell group working as interpreter for his second wife (xx). 1920. Alekhine posing in front of the Alekhine mansion, 1920, after it was confiscated by the Bolsheviks. Alekhine (at arrow) with former members of Russian aristocracy in forced labor brigade, 1920.
Alekhine at Trans-Siberian Railway Alekhine with son Alexander Alekhine and his cat Alekhine, 1935
Alekhine (second from right) at the Trans-Siberian railway. Alekhine with son Alexander (from second marriage). Alekhine with his beloved cat "Chess". Typical Alekhine pose, 1935.
A poor photo of Alekhine taken during 1937 match with Euwe. During match with Euwe, 1937. Damaged photo of Alekhine from 1930's. Alekhine's wife, 1937.
Alekhine in Paris, 1936 Alekhine - Euwe, 1935 Alekhine and wife in 1943 Alekhine found dead, 1946
Unpublished private photo of Alekhine taken in Paris, 1936. Match with Euwe, 1935, game 24. Alekhine explains that he had a winning position. At a private speed tournament in Prague, 1943. Alekhine's wife at his left. The Last Photo. Alekhine found dead in his Lisbon hotel room on the morning of March 25, 1946.

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